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[b]The Luftwaffe has its first fighter aircraft![/b]

Earlier this morning, the Luftwaffe high command has purchased its first fighter, an Me-109 propeller aircraft, from an unknown source. Luftwaffe officials are thrilled about this, as it is a step up for the tiny country and is another step towards Military High Command's hopes of the Reich becoming a Regional Power. "This is a great moment for the Reich!" Chief of the Luftwaffe Fritz Bering elates "We finally have a fighter, and while it's not as advanced as the jet fighters used by our neighbors, it's a step in the right direction."

The Luftwaffe High Command has created the Fighter Command to administrate the Reich's fighter force, and since the fighter force consists of only one plane, it'll be minuscule, though it will grow bigger as the Luftwaffe acquires more aircraft.

The ME-109, painted Green and named "Flying Cabbage", has been assigned to Lieutenant Mike Powell, a pilot who has flown Cessna 172s before, but never a fighter aircraft. Thus, he's excited about this "I've test flew this baby earlier, and boy, it handles like a sportscar compared to the Cessnas I have flown before!"

The Luftwaffe Command has announced the 109 will begin participating in Air Force exercises and will start a fighter training program to train pilots being brought in from flying Cessnas and transports so they would know the basics of flying fighter aircraft. In addition, they also announced that the Luftwaffe will acquire 10 more 109s, 5 Focke-Wulf 190s, and two P-51 Mustangs in the near future.

[b]Hamburg has been expanded to become an international port![/b]

An extensive renovation project of the Port of Hamburg, the largest city in the nation, has been completed. The renovation's goal was to make Hamburg an international port so it would be able to allow cargoships from all over the world to easily to transport goods into the Reich, thereby expanding its economy tenfold.

The purchase of a fighter and the transformation of Hamburg into an international harbor are two more steps towards making the IHR a regional power, though it still has a long way to go before it can achieve that goal. The Kaiser, Chancellor, and the Chief of the Navy, Karl Donitz, hope to make their dreams of building a naval shipyard, naval base, and blue water navy a reality in the near-future.

OOC: I got my first harbor and fighter earlier today. :awesome:

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