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Rise of the Imperium

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A civil war had been raging in Nova Sol Terra for some time now with multiple factions trying to gain control of the land. The first faction to be wiped out was the communists who after a prolonged battle with the democratics were suddenly defeated by a surprise attack from the military forces under the command of the self proclaimed "Imperial Emperor". The Imperial forces captured any undamaged communist equipment and enslaved any surviving communists using them as slave labour or suicide troops.

The weakened democratic forces saw this as a chance to ally with the imperial forces but were horrified and quick beaten into submission when they were attacked by the people they had hoped to ally with. What was done to the communist survivors was in turn done to the democrats and with both of these factions absorbed into the Imperials and it looked like no one would be able to stiop them.

This theory turned out to be true as the imperial forces steamrolled through the rest of the nation. As soon as the last faction was defeated in the South, the Emperor took no time in returning to the capital to enforce his rule across the whole nation. After weeks of warfare almost nobody was wanting to stand up against the Emperor and his rule became concrete.

The first action the Emperor under took was to establish the Imperial military, unlike the previous government the Imperial military would consist of every theater of operations. This would mean that for every operation that was carried out the operation forces would be drawn from a pool of avaliable resources with commanders being placed in charge of every unit rather than different commanders for different theaters.

The Emperor has also made two actions. One was to step up construction of new infrastructure and repair of the current infrastructure. He has also commanded the Imperium's engineers and scientists into funding and creating a space program so that the Imperium can travel to the stars.

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