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Isara Alliance Factbook

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Flag of the Isara Alliance

Capital: Reisengrad
Demonym: Isaran
Government Type: Military dictatorship
The Isara Alliance consists of three ‘states’ united under one flag, each run by a member of the Drei Macht (more information below). These states are the central state of Radia, which contains the capital Reisengrad and is governed by Gregor Eivanov; the Eastern state of Elgensreid, governed by Irina Ivanovich; and the Western state of Khador, governed by Andrei Alexeivich.

The Drei Macht:
The Drei Macht is the three military rulers of Isara, each of whom as described above govern their own region of the alliance. Each has a decorated history in military service. In spite of the fact that some may accuse the Drei Macht of suppression of the people and their rights, an astonishing 95% of the population over 18 support their rule.

Gregor Eivanov: The premier of the Drei Macht, governor of the central state of Radia, and General of the Army. He is of German and Georgian descent. The oldest of the Drei Macht at 51, Gregor Eivanov is known for his calculating and ruthless personality; he has the ability to send thousands of troops to their deaths without batting an eyelash if it will eventually result in victory. In spite of this fact, Eivanov has a great following throughout the nation. He is known, also, as a brilliant strategist, an excellent orator and, despite his age, a formidable combatant.

Irina Ivanovich: The second member of the Drei Macht, governor of the eastern state of Elgensreid, and Marshall of the Air Force. She is of Russian descent. Surprisingly young for one of her position at 32 years old, Irina Ivanovich’s dedication and fierce loyalty to the Isara Alliance is legendary, and she is known as someone who will lay down her life without a thought for Isara. Though she is very stoic and serious, she will not sacrifice her soldiers needlessly. Though there are those who believe she has a secret agenda to wrest the alliance from Eivanov and Alexeivich, the majority of the Drei Macht’s supporters are in favour of her. She has proven to be an impressive soldier and speaker, and an expert in combat.

Andrei Alexeivich: The third member of the Drei Macht, governor of the western state of Khador, and Commander of the Tank Force. He is of Georgian and Russian descent. The 40-year old commander from Khador, a region sometimes considered by the rest of Isara to be slightly backwards, is renowned for his unserious and joking attitude, even considering politics. However, he cares deeply for his soldiers, and will not under any circumstances send them to be defeated if it can be avoided. Though many of Isara’s citizens criticise Alexeivich’s ‘unprofessional’ personality and outlook, the commander has proven himself, both as a military leader and as a politician, to be worthy of respect.

Isaran Culture
Official Language(s): Russian(94%), German(70%), Georgian(70%)
Minor Language(s): English(50%) , Arabic (24%)
State Religion: Secular/Irreligious (70%)
Minor Religions: Decemism (16%), Christianity (8%), Islam (4%), Other (2%)
Isaran Culture and People:
The people of the Isara Alliance live very regimented and strict lives. In fact, it has become an unofficial custom that everyone gets up at 6:00 AM and is in bed by 11:00 PM. Also, very much of the people have a schedule which rarely, if ever, they break from. Isarans also live with the knowledge that they are almost always being monitored no matter where they are. In spite of this supposed violation of human rights, much of the population is in favour of this, as they have nothing to hide.
The Isaran culture revolves around performing ones duties as efficiently as possible, for the good of the alliance. There are some who have entirely dedicated their lives to the welfare of the nation, refusing to marry, have children, or do anything that could inhibit their potential to benefit the state. The majority of the nation, though not this hardcore, generally holds the good of the nation and its people as a whole to be equivalent with the good of the individual, and they recognize that they must work for all the alliance even if they do not get the spotlight. Children are raised to know this policy well, and grades and school are among the utmost concerns of almost all teenagers in the Isara Alliance. Unfortunately, this has led to discrimination against children and young adults who do not perform well in their academies.

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The Isaran military is a strictly-run organization whose components are controlled by the Drei Macht. They are divided into the Army, the Air Force, and the Tank Force (a separate entity from the Army). A navy is currently being researched, as the Drei Macht consider an Isaran role in the nearby sea to be a high priority.
The military plays a large part of everyday life, as there is no police force (that role is taken on by the military itself). The military is generally considered one of the most important facets of Isaran society, as it is generally accepted that military officers can best serve their country, though scientists also share this position.
The Isara Alliance has a policy of universal conscription, in which every person, upon reaching the age of 18, must undertake some form of military training for at least a year. The mindset of the Isaran soldier is to fight to the death, and never surrender—ideals which, though greatly despised by many, have proven gruesomely effective in the past.
As of May 5, 2010, the Isara Alliance’s military is as followed:
35,450 soldiers
354 tanks
10 fighter squads
10 bomber squads
The soldiers are divided into 20 armies of 1,418 troops each; each army is assigned a number. 2,400 soldiers also guard the heavily fortified fortress in which the Drei Macht reside. The army is controlled by Gregor Eivanov, the Air Force by Irina Ivanovich, and the Tank Forces by Andrei Alexeivich.
Khador Fortress is the secret fortress hidden within the Khador forests. It is surrounded by 6 military bases, which contain radar and missile stations, with radar jamming equipment. 2,400 soldiers and 50 tanks constantly patrol the fortress, which contains many secret entrances and exits. Besides the highest military officials and the soldiers who patrol it, the existence of the Fortress is completely unknown. The Drei Macht reside within this fortress, for security reasons claiming to live in the Capital Building.

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