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Slavic-Belgian Relations


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[quote]To: His Honor, Minister-President of Brussels
From: His Majesty the King James II
Concerning: Cooperation
Esteemed Minister,
While other nations have refused to recognize your nation for it's past and it's size, the Federation is willing to look beyond that. I invite you to a meeting at the capital, Tbilisi, to discuss trade or other relations between our two countries.

HRH King James II[/quote]

"Kliment!" James called from his offices.
The new Slavic Director for Foreign Relations, Kliment Matvey, entered the room and bowed slightly. "Sir?"
"Have you selected your deputy yet?"
"Yes, sir. A promising young Slavic woman. Been around Tbilisi for a few months, trying to get a job at a consulate."
"No practical, sir. I think Miri could profit from sitting in on your meeting with the Belgian."
James rolled the idea over in his head. "Hm. Alright. Fine by me. Observation does much more for the mind than reading from a book."
"I couldn't agree more, sir."

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Véronique Paulus de Châtelet, the Governor of Brussels, went to the Slavic Union on behalf of the Minister-President.


She wondered what the Slavs had in mind.

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"This is insulting," James said disgustedly as he watched the governor get out of the car from the window of the conference room. "We're the only nation to offer recognition to them, and they send us a [i]governor[/i]? How does their nation even have a governor at that size?"
The three others in the room (Adviser Donegan, Director Matvey, and Deputy Director Miri) watched him, not answering.
James swore loudly. "It's almost like they look down at us, sending a governor to meet with a king." He turned and looked at the other three. "I feel personally insulted."
"Sir, I'm sure that was not their intent," Matvey said.
"I don't care if that was their intent, it's still insulting," James snapped.
"Chill, Jimmy," Donegan said, stretching his legs out on the table.
"I won't chill, Dan, especially if I hear you call me Jimmy again."
"Alright, fine, to each his own," Donegan muttered.
James walked over to the minibar in the corner and made himself a straight scotch, draining the glass to ease his nerves. He set down the glass, grimacing, and took a breath.
"I'll see why this is the situation," he said calmly, turning and leaving the room.
"Should we go?" Matvey asked.
Donegan shook his head. "Nah. He'd have said if he wanted us to go."

The Governor would be escorted into the palace by four Liberty Guardsmen, in full battle gear, as was the custom for those on duty protecting the King and his assets. Inside, James was standing in the entry hall, wearing a suit and a strained smile, flanked by two more Liberty Guardsmen.
"Good day, governor," he said, in a voice that just fell short of cold. "I had the understanding that the Minister-President himself would be here? Why is he not?"

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"The Minister-President is in France. I suspect that he will be there for some time, hence why I have come in his place.

The position of Governor is unlike that of other countries. In Brussels, the Governor is in charge of the city's security, and with the founding of a state, I am now the head of the government, in charge of the power ministries of Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Intelligence. You could say that I am the [i]de facto[/i] leader of Brussels, since the Minister-President tends to leave all affairs to me.

If you have any other questions, please ask."

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