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Inactivity in PRSEC

king of cochin

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With the looming inactivity in the People's Republic of South East China, The 2nd Brigade of the 3rd Infantry Regiment based at Kohima has been deployed to PRSEC to establish whether the nation is in anarchy or not. If it is in anarchy the nation is to be made into Cochin Chinese Protectorate. As per Lhasa Doctrine, which PRSEC has never canceled the land would automatically revert to CCP. The Air space of PRSEC would be !@#$ down for the intervening period by the 2nd Squadron of RF30 fighter regiment.

If it has been determined that People's Republic of South East China is infact active but unable to communicate due to any technical reasons, the protectorate establishment would not happen.

OOC: Cardnals at 25 days IC inactivity. Have PMd him to post IC soon. If he posts land goes back to him, else it becomes my protectorate again.

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OOC: I'll be able to start posting again in May.


"We would like to let Cochin know that our nation has not fallen into anarchy.

Although the northern region surrounded by the People's republic of China has possibly fallen into anarchy. The 1st & 2nd infantry regiments have been dispatched to maintain order in the area."

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The 3rd Infantry Regiment's 2nd Brigade is being recalled to its base as the communication has been re-established with the People's Republic of South East China.

OOC: Okay, but please do not fall into inactivity like this. Next time there may not be PMs notifying you, :) take care!

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