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Kingdom of Arkhangelsk

Kevin Kingswell

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Full Name: The Kingdom of Arkhangelsk
Short Name: The Arkhangelsk
Adjective: Arkhangelsk
Seat of Power: Arkhangel
Government Type: Monarchy
Official Religion: Orthodoxy
Head of State: King Artem Demidov

Recent History:

Having just torn itself from a bitter civil war the Kingdom of Arkhangelsk, now under the rightful reign of King Artem Demidov, looks to recover what it lost through bitter years of conflict. Entire fields of crops were torched as were many villages and towns and those that survived are faced with a lengthy process of rebuilding and regrowing.

Against them lies the bitter weather of the land which caused almost as many deaths as the war did, whilst bands of brigands and deserters still infest the nation's steppes. A small poorly trained and equipped military stands as the nation's only defense against these internal threats as well as any external ones.

What lies ahead for the Arkhangelsk people is unknown but what is known is that these strong and hardy people will not cower from it.


Poor quality weapons and armor
Outdated Tactics (1300-1350)
Wooden forts
Catapults and ballistae for artillery
Max 5% of men armed with gunpowder

Population = 48,755

Soldiers = 1450 Sword and shield infantrymen, 725 Pike infantrymen, 725 Bow infantrymen.

Garrisons = 2900 Spear armed militia

Cavalry = 29 Bow armed Calvary skirmishers.

Artillery = 0 Artillery pieces.

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