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Operation Nova


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In the middle of the Atlantic, a solitary sub releases an ROV from its deck. The ROV glides through the water as the sub begins to make its long slow arc and head for it's home waters.

The ROV was larger than most, but very few systems at all. It had a basic guidance system to send it to it's programed point, large fuel tanks to keep it on station for over a week, and a highly sophisticated tranceiver to transmit it's condition and receive its one instruction. It also had a large housing and an anti-tamper pressure sensor system attached to it's cargo, set to go off if it was taken up too far.

Two days the sub headed for home, a military sat was trained on the coordinates and its camera focused. Unheard by any save for the aquatic wildlife around, a series of beeps came from the ROV's cargo as the computer received its instructions.

Five minutes later, a huge plume of water erupted from the relatively calm surface of the ocean. A large wave and cloud of water vapor followed, and a pressure wave could be seen on the surface.

In a hidden command and control bunker in Taeunas, a team of scientists and engineers, as well as a few key military commanders cheered as the test went off as planned. It was the result of several months of hard work. But, with the conclusion of this test, Taeunas was now a nuclear capable nation. Work would start right away on building a limited arsenal of such weapons.

In his office, DeSchaine looked out over the city and sighed. "What fools we mortals be, to think we can harness the power of God to exact retribution in place of Him."

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The explosion of a nuclear missile over the Atlantic caused all NukeDEFCON status to immediately be raised to one. Italy's SDI was now on its highest alert, as were anti-missile systems over Guam. President Corrado Bazzani and key members of government were rushed to secure nuclear bunkers. A statement was released.


Italian satellites today saw a nuclear explosion over the Atlantic Ocean. Judging by the height of the explosion, we believe the nuclear device to be missile based. We have no indication of military operating in the area. We call upon the nation responsible for the blast to come forward and identify themselves. Italy is now on its highest nuclear footing. If any missile starts flying our way, given the tensions with the recent war, we will assume it to be a nuclear attack.

Corrado Bazzani

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