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The Dragon Rises Once More


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OOC: I have been given permission to RP the President of the Taiwanese Republic.

Chairman X stood in his office atop Taibei 101. He had been informed he was receiving a guest. He had been caught unawares. "President Chiang Wei-Kuo, Comrade Chairman." a uniformed officer said as he lead the elderly man in. "Mr. Chairman, thank you for seeing me." he said. "It is my pleasure." The Chairman said. "It is no problem. Would you like some tea?" he said offering him a cup. "Yes, thank you." the President said.

He raised the cup to his mouth taking in the rich aroma of which only comes from true longjing tea. "Thank you, excellent quality. This is superior to the purgatory which the Japanese have been serving." he said. X chuckled. "I see you have not forgotten your birthright." X said. "Whampao... the academy which my father lead, before the Great March North against the warlords." Chiang said. He took another sip and set it down. "I have not forgotten. And I fear I must impose on you once more. I intend to dissolve the government, but the Japanese will not stand for that. I ask for military assistance, help us establish a unified Chinese Republic." he said.

The Chairman nodded. He turned to a small statue on his desk. It was of Qin Shi Huang. "Brutality is sometimes necessary for our people to be strong. The Brotherhood shall march." he said. "Our bodies will forge a new great wall."

"Thank you." Chiang said. "May I make the proclamation from here?" he asked.

"Indeed. Let our military prepare." the Chairman said.

Operation Jade Dragon had been underway from the day the Brotherhood had begun preparations in the waning months of Rebel Army rule. It was now ready.

Phase one would be launched with a joint strike from Brunei and Taibei. 8 Squadrons of Vipers would deploy to the skies. This was not much more than would normally be deployed. They would use refueling tankers to keep the enemy from noticing pilots were flying longer than normal. As the vipers were stealth the enemy would be caught unaware. Meanwhile Four B-1 Squadrons would fly out towards the Pacific Ocean from Brunei they would make a correction and make a break for it at the last possible minute.

Troops were positioned in underground tunnels as well as on the surface on the boarder. An additional six airborne brigades were flying below the radar from Brunei towards the south.

The operation was ready.

The President went on air. "Good evening my fellow Taiwanese. Today, I am informing you of the outrageous coup d'tat which has occurred. I am hear to inform you that the Japanese Fascists which have taken control of our beloved Taiwan are illegitimate. Taiwan is Chinese. We will stand up for our culture against this imperialist aggression. Loyal soldiers of the Taiwan Republic take up arms to greet our comrades from Taibei. Today we fight!" he said thrusting his fist in the air.

With that anti-radiational missiles were launched from the Vipers against enemy air defense sites that were identified by the President and intelligence agency as being loyal to the Japanese. VTOL Orca CAS craft would strafe enemy hard positions outside Taibei with air to ground missiles. SP Artillery would follow up with ground bombardment as armor and mechanized infantry battalions drove outwards in spear head attacks aiming to surround enemy units rapidly with air cavalry moving furthest forward to complete the flanking maneuvers.

Central mountain airfields would be hit by special forces and airborne infantry strike teams which were tasked with rapidly securing runways an air control facilities as mountain infantry brigades would be airlifted in to seize the central part of the country quickly, where the mechanized forces could not as effectively maneuver.

As this was going on the Vipers and air defenses continued to monitor the situation. They would shoot down any unidentified military aircraft before they could deploy. With the whole battle space only being able to fit about 300 high performance aircraft as long as they were in the air (and viper units would cycle out as they needed ammo replenished once the operation was under way) they should be able to maintain a air space dominance over the area.

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The sudden blitz from all fronts surprised the Japanese military. It had been suspected that there would be an attack, with the denial of a PIAT and the various earthwork being suspicious, but the full scale invasion had caught them off guard. With no units in the eastern part of the country, Taiwan attempted to concentrate its 160,000 troops and 1,500 tanks in the southwestern part of the country, around the capital of Kaohsiung.

Map of Taiwan, 18 hours after the start of the invasion

Somewhere within Kaohsiung

Tojo was furious at the situation. The president had somehow managed to get past the spies that had been planted around him, and now sticked a knife in their back. Chiang would pay if he was ever captured, which seemed impossibile given the circumstances. He sent out an order to the forces in the field.

"Pull all troops into Kaohsiung. We need to show them that we will fight to the end."

**Extra Classified Orders**

Use all Chinese civilians as human shields.

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The B-1s out of Brunei roared over Kaohsiung County dropping laser guided bombs onto various positions and key road block installations. A flight of 4 F-15 Strike Eagle Squadrons would fly around with air space now cleared of enemy hostile aircraft as the airborne forces from Brunei dropped down to secure the locations and halt progress to the pulling back into Kaohsiung City. The F-15s would loiter as paradropped forces would land and secure the area, sending air to ground missiles straight into enemy hard points.

With enemy forces being slowed, air cavalry units and CAS ORCAs and A-10 Thunderbolts would strafe enemy columns and units forcing them to scatter in their pull backs and deny them the ability to use major roads and move in large units. Highways on both the East and West of the Island would become a Turkey shoot. Armored, motorized, and mechanized infantry units would be in hot pursuit of the enemy force. By denying them major roads these fast moving units would have a chance to catch and destroy enemy units before they could retreat.

Meanwhile mountain infantry and special ops battalions would be moved down from the mountain controlled areas as regular garrison troops were moved in. These forces would move to further secure Kaohsiung City.

"The Operation is a success Chairman." one of the Colonel in the planning room said. "We are succeeding in flanking large parts of the enemy force before they are allowed to retreat into the City."

Chairman X smiled, "Excellent. Urban warfare will be difficult though..." he said reminiscing of the last time he was in a urban battle.

"Mr. President, this country will soon be back under our control." he said turning to the President.

"Excellent." President Chiang replied.

"Sir there is another matter, we are receiving reports of Japanese rebels in Taibei. We don't believe it is the entire population but several hard core Japanese nationalists have taken several local government buildings... We're sending in teams to deal with them and apprehend leaders. We will also be targeting the suspected terrorist leaders we've been monitoring. I need your permission to suspend the legal system in these areas so we can do the operation properly."

"Granted." Chairman X said waving his hand. [i]This will be over soon. Then we can truly begin...[/i]

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Only half of the troops in the field managed to make it to Kaohsiung, resulting in 60,000 troops and 500 tanks being in the city. The Tojo junta conscripted students into a milita to continue the fight. Waves and waves of barely equiped troops were sent out in futile banzai charges, which while being able to hold the enemy back, resulted in deaths of tens of thousands, as the Chinese civilians were used as meat fodders. Dissent rose.

Within a few days, some of the field-officers launched a coup against Tojo, killing him and his fanatic generals. A message was sent to the Brotherhood:

"We surrender. Please ceasefire, and let us talk."

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"We've rounded up the leaders of the Japanese cell in Taibei. Raikyu Shinje is his name." one of the Colonel's said to the Chairman. "Good." Chairman X said. "The Japanese in the South are requesting to surrender as well." he said.

"Very well... deploy our divisions forward, we will surround the city, if they attempt to regroup and counter attack, our army shall crush them in one swift blow. Tell them that they can send a single ambassador to Taibei where we can discuss the unconditional surrender of their forces in person."

(consider the message sent)

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The leader of the coup, Hajime Sugiyama, went to the Commander of the Chinese forces near Kaohsiung.

"Take me to your leader. I have full power to discuss."

Later in Taipei

Sugiyama was waiting to hear what the Chairman had in mind. Taiwan was completely lost, therefore the only thing he could probably get is unharassed passage out of the island. Where to go was a problem he would have to solve later.

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The Deputy Justice Minister met Sugiyama at the telepad. "Good day, I am Deputy Justice Minister Wei Hai, the Deputy Minister of Justice. I will be meeting with you today. Your insurrection is at an end. As your President dissolved your government, we no longer recognize you as representing a sovereign nation's army, but rather as criminals. Normally the penalty for inciting insurrection is the capital offense. We however are willing to consider discussing the prospect of exile. In exchange for the following single condition.

You must recognize Taiwan as being under one unified government, ours, and the island is and forever will be Chinese. Secondly you must acknowledge that should your loyalists ever form a sovereign government, any attempt to reverse this position will result in a valid casus belli by our government on that government."

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"I am than we are in agreement. Your forces will lay down their arms, within 12 hours, at which point the Chairman will order the air force to cease sea lane denial operations. Our forces will move into the city and confiscate weapons. Weapons and captured insurgents will be turned over to you upon arrival at a new destination conditional on that territory's government approval."

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"The ceasefire will be done immediately once I can get connected to Kaohsiung from here. Please get me a line to the front. On the situation of where we shall be going: We ahd been in discussions with Acca Dacca to have Hainan and former New Kyoto transferred to us. We should have no difficulites moving to those two locations."

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Sugiyama took the phone and contacted his people in Kaohsiung. As was already planned before leaving for Taipei, the entire military stopped shooting upon notification. All the pro-Tojo faction people had either been shot or imprisioned, and with only schoolboys as foot soldiers, everyone was eager to throw away their guns and surrender.

Most of the surviving officers, who could speeak Mandarian and Cantonese, helped the Brotherhood forces search the city for anything they wished to find. The Brotherhood forces would find that most of the weapons seemed to have been fom over 60 years ago, from the time of the Anti-Japanese War. It was like going through a museum.

In addition, Acca Dacca was contacted about Hainan and New Kyoto, to finalize the arrangements.

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ome hours after the negotiations had taken place and the Japanese had been pacified the Vice Justice Minister entered into the room where Chairman X's war room. "Sir, we've been successful. The rebels have been defeated." he said.

"Excellent, how's the 3rd Transport fleet?" X asked Field Marshall Qing Kuo.

"They've landed in Shanghai and Nanjing to assume control of the Northern Palintine Empire. 8th Strategic Air is landing in Guangzhou Intl Airport, 10th Strategic Air is landing in Suzhou Intl Airport." Qing continued. "They 8th Air Cavalry has cross the Straits and is moving to secure Fujian. We will soon be in control of the entire Operations Area Alpha."

"Good." X said.

"Bring in President Chiang, I will wish to speak to him." X said.

"As you wish." Wei said saluting.

"I will also wish to speak to the Old Man soon." X ordered.

"Yes Chairman!" Qing said.

[b]Epic Announcement to come![/b]

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