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Snow Lilies Blossoming

Karl Martin

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It was cool in Darwin.

Karl Martin von Hohenzollern was walking down a street in the capital of Australia. He had a short meeting with the Queen, just formalities that meant nothing. Burgundy was not interested in Oceania for itself, and so he was only here to make himself appear to be a nice guest who was capable of making allies.

There was a bittersweet melancholy in his heart. The quiet streets reminded him of his youth, of the times when one could actually feel the peace of the air and sense the slight love in the air. It was..... sadness.

With a slight sigh, he continued walking, when something crashed into him, knocking him over onto the street.

OOC: Happens after the Ball in Brisbane. Closed to all except for someone and myself.

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Cybil would crash into Karl in an instant, should the man not move. This would be due to the fact she had roller-skates on her feet, and had gained a bit too much momentum a short distance back. Such was the case when you spun around via use of a street sign pole, dodging a dog walker's rogue pack of dogs as they hurried past to the nearest garbage pile. Why she had convinced Hannah to let her try roller-skating again?

"Uggggh.... What a trip...."

If one listened carefully, it was British with a French influence, overlaid over something found in the Arctic regions of former Viniland. This would betray Cybil as a foreigner, and her black hair, amber eyes, tan-darkened skin and mole would probably give away who she was. For now, however, she was unknown to this man as she rubbed her head, realizing in a few seconds what she had done.

"Oh, [i]sheesh[/i]! Sorry, sorry - that was incredibly stupid of me to do! I am [i]so sorry[/i]!" cried Cybil, quickly scrambling to her feet, and reaching for the gentleman's hand. "That looked like a bad spill...are you okay?"

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Karl had nearly hit his head on the pavement, but managed to breakfall on his back. Standing up and dusting his jacket in one smooth action, he looked at the little woman who had made him fly. What caught his eyes were the amber jewels that shone from the dark face. Her face was familiar....

"I am perfectly fine, my lady. Do not worry too much about it. Are you the one that is fine?"

Where did he see her face? Something was registering, but he could not figure out just what.

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Cybil suppressed a small laugh. [i]My lady.[/i] She was so sick of the formality at the palace - it was one of the reasons why she had begun to go out more. That, and she had just tricked the servants tagging along into going on a little treasure hunt.... It was high time the ex-Queen learnt to spread her wings a little!

Clearly Cybil was denying the fact that she had been hallucinating wildly not too long ago. Thanks to sleep deprivation and a small resistance to medication, she had been threatened by a Norse god, told by a multi-winged dragon angel that she was being watched, and had a time-travelling goat come galloping through her room. Had that Marchar knight of Hannah's not found her in her madness, she probably would have beat her head in in order to make it go away. She had also been quite spontaneous lately, as shown by her roller-skating spree - but there was another side to it.

Sometimes, when Cybil had a spontaneous idea...before it, she'd get a flashback. Whether it was someone pinning her against a wall, her shooting someone, or her accidentally setting off some sort of trap, she experienced it over and over again. The flood of emotion gave her an adrenaline rush, and if she didn't "burn it off", somehow, then spells like that one night's would come back. Cybil couldn't stand that.

"Yeah, I'm fine," replied Cybil. "Though that was too freakin' close...."

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The accent of the little woman lit a lightbulb within Karl's brain. That particular English accent was restricted to the Arctic regions of North America meaning.... But he decided not to go further into it. She seemed uncomfortable.

"Yes, it was certainly close. But do not worry. Since we seem to be both free, may I invite you to some tea?"


At a café nearby, Karl ordered Cream Tea and various confectionaries, and a cup of café au lait for himself. Sipping at the sweet, frothy coffee, he smiled at his guest as she seemed to be enjoying the pompering. Something seemed somewhat unstable about her, though, as if she had some personal demons attached to her. He wondered, yet was refraining from discussing it for how.

"How did a dainty person decided to go roller skating? I was surprised at the enthusastic way you were flying until you crashed into me."

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Tea. Cybil liked tea. Her family was of British origin, so a daily "tea time" had been the norm for her in her youth, with supper commencing later in the evening. She had kept to the same schedule throughout her rule, enjoying Labrador tea with cranberry and cinnamon, sitting by the window in her room as she gazed over the tundra. It helped soothe her anxieties, the sweet concoction melting on her tongue, sliding down her throat like silk.

"S'good stuff..." Cybil muttered, snapping out of her reverie when asked about her roller-skating habit. She laughed nervously, blushing a little. "Oh, that? Well, I thought I'd try something new, 'cause it's warm out and everything. See the flora and fauna and what-not. Sorry about the whole crashing thing, too; I accelerated too quickly a short ways back. That is the [i]last time[/i] I try and use spinning to go faster...."

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