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Nordreich Liga - Season III


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[b]First Round Results[/b]

Zemo City Avengers defeated Nacional CF (2-0, 4-1)
North Pacific United defeated Vlaamsche Boerkens (2-3, 2-1)
FC Craiova Sud defeated C.S. Napoli (3-0, 3-5)

[b]Nordreich Cup Quarter-finals Preview[/b]

[b]Dorpat Lions vs FC Craiova Sud[/b]: Despite Dorpat being the defending champion, this series could end up being closer than expected if Craiova Sud is able to get full effort from its midfield and forwards to counter its backfield deficiencies. However smart money is on Dorpat to advance with a pair of wins in its pocket.

[b]Zemo City Avengers vs FC Oder-Festung 1920[/b]: O-F 1920 were the darlings of the ball last season with their impressive cup run – pushing aside strong opposition from Zemo City and Kaapstad – to face down Dorpat in the finals before succumbing by four goals. However this time around, don’t expect any heroics from O-F 1920. Guaranteed that Zemo City Avengers will be on the hunt for revenge after their humiliating exit in the quarter-finals, the Avengers are flying high right now with the best display of team form in the Liga while O-F 1920 are at the opposite end of the spectrum with easily the most atrocious form after the off-season progress report. O-F 1920 midfield looks particularly tired right now and which could well be the O-F 1920 downfall.

[b]Scottoria FC vs Neon City[/b]: An easy set of practise matches for Scottoria. Manager Norwood’s squad goes through the necessary motion as Neon City folds their tents early. Not even close.

[b]North Pacific United vs NVK Kaapstad Hornets[/b]: NPU has made vast improvements during the off-season after two campaigns of neglect but will it be enough in time to penetrate the Hornets’ famous defensive wall? North Pacific needs to exploit the Capetonians’ lacklustre and uncreative midfield line if they are going to put any sort of pressure on the net. Hornets should advance but all-too-close results will keep Manager Botha awake at night with cause for concern.

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[i][b]Liga standings as of June 17th[/b][/i]

[b]Kaiser Cup gets underway July 4[/b]

The inaugural [b]Kaiser Nemhauser Cup[/b] commences play this weekend on Sunday, July 4 when six teams meet in the first round of play. The cup will be played out over two legs home and away per round with random seeding.

[i]FIRST ROUND MATCHES – July 4 and July 11[/i]
FC Craiova Sud vs CF Nacional
Zemo City Avengers vs North Pacific United
FC Oder-Festung 1920 vs Vlaamsche Boerkens

[b]Baron Zemo Open Cup[/b]

Congratulations to Zemo City Avengers for winning their second Baron Zemo Cup, defending their title 3-0 against Scottoria FC. In Season I, the then-Nordenstrom United took the trophy in the final match 2-1 against a strong challenger from Kaapstad Hornets. Due to scheduling restraints in Season II, the trophy was not put up for challenge.

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