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Swedish Empire Military Research

Markus Wilding

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***Highly classified***
Designs are being made to build a bomb filled with a nerve agent, similar to the American [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MC-1"]MC-1[/url] Like the MC-1, it will utilize the nerve agent [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sarin"]Sarin.[/url] Proven to be over 500 times more lethal than cyanide, it'll prove a very effective biochemical weapon if we can harness it's power. Our research shows the agent to be a very deadly neurotoxin, and when applied against any enemies we may face, it will certainly become an intimidating weapon. We have a long road ahead of us, men, but so long as we don't lose sight of our goal, we can do this.

Since chemical weapons are being researched, obviously we should begin the production of a way to protect our men and citizens should we get hit by an enemy biological weapon or have one of ours malfunction on us and release itself upon our nation. Thus we present the C-vätskeskydd Hazmat suit.


Though it is only a concept design for now, we are sure that this will prove suitable for any emergency situations requiring hazmat suits.

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Designs are being made for a possible automatic sentry gun, used to defend key areas while men are being used elsewhere. They will need to be maintained by engineers and they are vulnerable to flanking maneuvers, but if the enemy is not expecting them and is not prepared, then they are a formidable foe and tough to take down. The Sentry as it will now be named, will employ either a high-caliber machine gun or a small minigun. Targeting systems are still being tested. If our experiments fail then we shall go to the Norwegians for assistance.

The first concept design for the Sentry. This model employs dual miniguns which hold a maximum of 200 rounds each.

The second design. This employs a single, high-caliber machine gun with a manual trigger should the main targeting system fail.

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Sentry targeting systems are being worked on. They will utilize a computer, possibly a laptop, so that engineers can identify and open fire on enemies and keep friendly forces safe. With that, the first design is being tested, to put into practice the optics system, mainly to see if it works. If it does, then the design will advance into the actual live-fire phase, as the test will use paintball ammunition to test if it can identify friendly targets and enemies.

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Tests on the first design have proved well, and now the two will be tested side by side to compare turning speed, lock-on ability, identification speed and firing speed.

Sentry A1
Turning speed: Slow, makes two beeps whenever direction is reversed
Cone of Fire: Approx. 60 degree angle
Rate of Fire: 200 rounds per minute
Lock-on ability: Slow
I.D. speed: Slow
Notes: Slow in nearly every way possible except for RoF. Takes a while for the dual miniguns to spin up, but once they do they devastate enemies. I.D. system needs work, fired on friendlies and moving vehicles on occasion.

Sentry A2
Turning speed: Medium
Cone of Fire: Approx. 65 degree angle
Rate of Fire: 12 rounds per second
Lock-on ability: Medium-Slow
I.D. speed: Very Slow
Notes: Needs serious improvement on I.D. system. Fired on friendlies multiple times when enemies were present, and fired on objects such as rolling balls.

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