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Operation: Unity


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OOC: Should Jerrey reconsider leaving cnrp this topic can be ignored I just want to prevent other claims.


Satellites were unable to detect sign of government activity for a long time already, finally passing legislation the Senate officially formulated an advice to attempt to make contact with their government and should the team prove to be unable to do so the Senate would recommend a peacekeeping operation, however it hadn't gotten to that point yet. Under direct orders from the Empress a team of Special Forces and a diplomat departed to the known Diberian capital. At the same time an official dispatch was made.


[center][b]Dispatch from the Office of the Empress of the Holy American Empire[/b][/center]

With support from the Imperial Senate I have ordered a diplomatic force to find out if the government of Diberia is still active and capable of ruling their citizens. Due to this the Holy American Empire hereby declares unilateral protection over the Diberian territories and will prevent any Imperialism to touch the lands of this ancient nation. As of this moment I also declare a no-fly zone over the Diberian Territories.[/quote]

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