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Alvonia Factbook v2

Markus Wilding

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National flag: AlvonianNatFlag.png

War flag: Alvoniaflag2.png

National anthem: Cair Paravel (alternate name for Alvonia)

Lyrics for Cair Paravel:

The ancient prophecy (repeated half-second later by alto chorus)

May soon now come to pass; (repeated half-second later by alto chorus)

This land may be as

It used to be,

A land that is proud

And glad and free,

(sung by male only)

And you may fulfill

Your destiny

(return to male/female chorus)

In Cair Paravel.

(Cair Paravel)

Right here

In Cair Paravel

Director: Markus Wilding

Head of Government: Markus Wilding

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Erik Kunze

Minister of Security: Christian Huber

Minister of Armament: Frank Zimmerman

Minister of the Army: Anne Freitag

Minister of the Air Force: Monika Decker

Minister of the Navy: Phillipp Eisenhauer

Minister of Internal Affairs: Max Kaufmann

Total population: (including armed forces) 80,636

Total army: 40,230 enlisted soldiers and NCOs

Total army vehicles: 42

Total aircraft: 10 AC-130s and 10 F86 Sabres

Total naval ships: Various coastal PT boats

Edited by Markus Wilding
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