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Drifting in the sea

Zoot Zoot

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Barney had been sailing southwards past cape northwards past newfoundland in his private submarine and slowly made his way to New Canda

Weeks went by as he sailed onwards north.

Damn those dratted Americans, forcing him to leave office he was thinking to himself as he approached a luxery boat at anchor in the Ocean.

Using his periscope he observed and saw it had 1 man, 2 children and a woman onboard, family boat then he pondered as he surfaced and pulled up alongside the ship.

"Ahoy up there, can you help me?" he called out to the family as he stood on the deck of his small sub, hands in his pockets.

A tall man appached the rails and looked down in shock and the ragged man before him.

"Who are you, what the hell?" he exclaimed as Barney clambered up onto the boat as his Sub sank back beneith the surface forever.

"Im Barney Stone, where are you from and what is your name?" came the polite yet sinister response as he held out his fake hand to shake, his artificial eye taking in all detail.

"Mandy, take the children below please" he said to his wife.

"Im Andrew, from New Canada what do you you want, I know about you, your a war criminal"

"No sir, I am not, I want this boat, now.

"What are you talking about.. oh" Andrew stepped back as Barney pressed the silenced gun into his chest.

"Nice meeting you Andrew, now call your family back on deck now, or ill go below and kill them"

"Ok, just dont hurt them ill do anything, MANDY, COME BACK UP HERE, BRING THE KIDS!"

"good man, now stand at the railing over there"

"Andrew what the hell is this man doing on our boat?" said his wife, children holding both her arms, fearful of the stranger.

"Mandy, stand with your husband please, children stay right where you are."

"Mandy do as your told... please" pleaded Andrew to her.

Mandy moved towards the railing next to her husband.

"You kids, get on your knees, NOW!" yelled Barney at the children who immediatly obeyed.

"Good girls, say goodbye to mum and dad"

"bye mum, by dad, the girls sang in unison."

"what BARNEY NO PLEASE" screams andrew as Barney shot both the children in the head.

The mothers wild scream tore through the air, her anger and anguish echoed across the calm empty waters of the sea, and she charged Barney onto to be herself shot and kicked overboard with her children, now floating facedown in the bloodstained sea.

"Andrew, clean the blood and gore off the decks and then stand by the rail please, nothing funny or your dead aswell, Ive killed plenty of people in my time for recognising me, not even for my own gain, this is for my own gain so do not make me kill you aswell"

"Ok Barney, you !@#$ Ill do this one thing and then im gonna kill you"

"Wrong answer"

With that Barney executed the man where he stood, kicking his corpse into the ocean for the sharks now feasting on the rest of his family.

Using a hose and a pump he quickly washed the blood away, and walking into the cabin he began continuing his way to New Canadaon his brand new boat.

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As he sailed North East he came across a small remote Island, according to the maps it was New Canadian and uninhabited. he saw no buildings or signs of life, just an ancient, wooden jetty.

Mooring the boat up on the jetty he noticed something odd about the ship, it was lying too low in the water.

walking around the ship and a brief inspection underneith it with some scuba gear he concluded their must be a secret cargo bay.

Many hours later under the hot sun he found it, a small keyhole hidden inside the lettering on the ships name. Looking at the boats keys he located a small key, small enough for the lock and slotted it in, turned and pushed inwards.

Immediatly a panel of steel retracted back into the boat and slid to the left making a large opening.

Clambering in with great difficulty he located a light switch and turned on the lights.

His eyes widened in absolute pleasure.

Several AK47 assault rifles lay in the prow, with rows of RPG launchers, with a small mountain of ammo for them and the rifles.

and right in the center of the room, lay a naval cannon, a 20mm gun, with mountains of ammo, and all the equipment to install it to a computer system radar and targetting system.

DAMN this is awesome he thought to himself.

(OOC the boat is about the same size as HMS Mersey )

The gun was already mounted on what looked like an elevator, and as he looked up to the low ceiling, and it seemed the ceiling would part for the gun to move up and lock inbetween the plates and could equally be hidden beneath the deck.

Moving towards the aft of the ship he found another such naval gun mounted at the back.

Barney was surprised at this find and went back ondeck, went around the ship till he found the cargo bay... the real one. This is where he found componants for two AA stinger launchers and one anti ship missile launchers.

He set to work immediatly and after yet another 3 weeks, his stolen boat was a small armed vessel, with all weaponry easily concealed.

He remained on this remote Island for a while, moving his boat into a cove and putting it to anchor under a large overhang of trees and roots from the small outcrop of rock overhead. The Cove was well concealed and was not easily seen, and the boat itself was hidden from all view.

Moving inland he spent the next few days exploring the Island, it was roughly 3 miles in permiter and had two hills, one at each end, both with minor, shallow cave systems. Whilst sheltering in his new home in a cave wich now had a wooden palisade across the entrance, a reinforced gate and a small trench to stop animals, all covered over with leaves and such for camoflauge he began wondering, what the hell was a family doing with that ordinance onboard.

after yet more weeks in isolation, living off the land and quite enjoying himself he stumbled across Andrews Journal and it says he and his family are weapon smugglers, it made quite clear they held no allegiance to any nation, just themselves.

The following week, Barney marked the Island on his GPS for the ships computer, re supplied with meat, fruit and veg from the Island, aswell as plenty of fresh water he ventured back out to continue towards South Hampton Island, New Canada

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Barney, now consideribly pecular from spending so much time alone made port in some obscure Island not to far from South hampton Island and met up with one of his old contacts from the Malvinian SAS many years ago. His request was simple, get thirty former Malvinian SAS troops who survived the Holocaust of the homeland Wesker brought down onto it, modify this now formiddible boat with armour plating and some smaller deck guns that can be concealed inside speicla rotating pods designed to look like water tanks.

It was a dangerous undertaking, long and seeemingly neverending. The ship was in Port collecting the needed materials, guns and awaiting the crew to rally to the ship for an entire Month before setting sail back to the Island Barney first landed on.

On the way out twenty crew members, ten each boarded a barge and a dredger, before killing the crews, tossing them overboard for the sea to claim.

The barge now carried all the heavy equipment, making the battleboat alot faster, and the dredger was to deepen the river bed leading into the cove for other ships.

When the ships made it back into the base the soldiers began excavating a hollow in a cliff wall on the edge of the cove to make it deep enough, and wide enough to berth the Armed Boat, now aptly named, "The Malvinian Fury".

It was a long undertaking, but it allowed the ship shelter, and stable walls for the metal framework to be placed for a docking station allowing the modifcations to take place.

After another two months, her final specifications are:

Displacement: 1,677 tonnes

Length: 79.9 m

Beam: 13.6 m

Draught: 3.8 m

Propulsion: 2 × Ruston 12RK 270 Main engines developing 4,125 kW @ 1,000 rpm

Speed: 20 knots (37 km/h)

Barney was pleased with this new fully capible warship, whilst in no way able to withstand a naval vessel larger than a corvette, it could defend itself against light patrol craft and be used to board enemy vessels, take what it wants and vanish.

His small camp on the Island was slowly growing, he now had roughly 120 men at arms, recruited from the world over, degenerates of every class, but all profficent at killing. His cave home was now a cave network going deep into the hill, when the men wernt at sea pillaging or moving building materials, they were working the land or fishing for food.

His barge was used as a cover to ferry supplies to the Island and the dredger was sailed back into a differnt port, abandoned, only to be replaced with a large Yacht, engine powered, but had the ability to use sails aswell.

A multi Million dollar ship simply stolen in the night by thirty armed men from a quiet quayside on the mainland they passed on the way back to base.

This Yacht was sailed to the far side of the Island and dropped anchor in a deep lagoon.

Stones plan was coming together.

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