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The color of Red

Markus Wilding

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Markus had a copy of Ferrer's new book, A New Take on Communism, and had finished it moments ago. "This is brilliant." Markus calls his advisors in for a closed-door meeting.

"Gentlemen, as you know, La Isla del Encanto's leader Francis Ferrer, has released a new book detailing a new way of communism. I've dealt with communism outlined by Lynneth Sakara when he still had a body. It is my belief that we should take steps to..."convert", so to speak." His foreign affairs advisor, Phillip Lange, protests. "But if we do, our neighbors will literally kill us. Each and every one of us, including you. You may have gotten out of Slavorussia, but the former FRG won't stand by while we set up a communist regime."

"Well, that's a risk we'll have to take, won't it?"

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