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Blue Trade Circle


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Blue colour. Doing this for Kestral because she is too !"#¤% lazy.



Fish - Ulrik Kurr

Gold - Kestral

Iron - Kestral

Lead - Joe Cotton



Oil - Joe Cotton



Wheat - Ulrik Kurr

Bonus resources: Construction, Scholars, Microchips.

Cattle, Fish, Pigs and Wheat give you a really good population boost. Only sugar is missing. More citizens = more soliders. More citizens = more income.

Lead, Gold, Oil and Microchips give you a really cheap tech price so this is ideal for tech sellers too.

Aluminum, Iron, Lumber, Marble, Construction give you a good infra price.

You can always temp trade coal-rubber to get even lower infra cost when buying infra.

Lead gives you massive military discounts. Both purchasing price and upkeep! Military upkeep is as low as it can possibly ever be. Infra upkeep is really low too.

Uranium is good for nukes. Also, some income increase in there too.

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Also, this is a really useful set. You get military bonus so you can fight in the war and buy cheap military units. Also, your military bills will be low. Navy and nukes cost a lot without these resources.

And the citizen bonus is not much smaller than the one Beer-Construction-Fast Food set offers.

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