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Embassy Cleaning


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Announcement from the Socialist Workers Front

With the new year upon us, the Front has decided to take some time to clean up its forums and get them nice and clean for 2010. With that, we have many inactive or unoccupied embassies. Embassies without a post in the last month will be up for deletion. These include:

Argent (unoccupied)

Athens (21 Jul 2009)

Brain (unoccupied)

Bushido (unoccupied)

Crimson Brigade (1 Dec 2009)

Federation of Buccaneers (16 July 2009)

Global Alliance and Treaty Organization (11 Jul 2009)

Galactic Imperium (17 Jun 2009)

League of United Defense (6 Aug 2009)

Libertarian Socialist Federation (3 Dec 2009)

Nations Empowered Against Totalitarianism (21 Nov 2009)

Nueva Vida (10 Nov 2009)

Socialist Peoples Army (unoccupied)

The German Empire (5 Oct 2009)

The Moralist Front (25 Jul 2009)

The Order of the Paradox (4 Nov 2009)

Union of Communist Republics (15 Dec 2009)

Umbrella (12 Nov 2009)

We'll start deleting these embassies in a week. To register visit: http://www.socialistworkersfront.info ; to apply to become a diplomat, post here: http://z3.invisionfree.com/CNSWF/index.php...view=getnewpost

If any of these alliances have disbanded, please let us know.

Thank you,

Ray Matveyev

Deputy Chairman; Commissar for the Interior

Socialist Workers front

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