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The Order of Justice

Syan Wilmont

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The Order of Justice


Join The Order of Justice today! We are currently a small but prosperous alliance currently protected by Nueva Vida. This ensures the security of you nation so you will not have to worry about disturbances of your nation's growth. We are a non-aggressive, but fun-seeking alliance who's main goal is to ensure the prosperity of your nation. If you'd like to join this small but close and growing community, stop by our forums and apply for membership.

OoJ Forums

OoJ's IRC channel: #Justice on Coldfront

OoJ's Wiki

Our Government:

Emperor - ADude

Regent of External Affairs - George von Hamburg

Regent of Internal Affairs - Syan Wilmont

Our Charter:

The Order of Justice Charter


Founded on the principals of friendship and entertainment, The Oder of Justice maintains a common purpose of preservation. It is through our actions that our friends will be lifted and our enemies will quake. For Justice is no more than Vengeance in disguise.

Article 1 - Membership

OoJ is founded on friendship, camaraderie, and the enjoyment of them game. In order to further attain these goals while keeping a safe atmosphere the following rules and regulations will be set forth to all members.

Member Requirements

-Must not be in an aggressive war

-Must not be on any alliances ZI list

-Must not have any outstanding debts to any other alliances

-Must be an active and contributing member of OoJ

-Must be on, or switch to, the Aqua team.

Member Responsibilities

- Any and all rules set forth by a superior officer must be followed.

- All nations will fight as one when called upon.

- OoJ members are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards their fellow members in game and on our forums

- Nations must register on our forums and post an application.

Section II - Rights and Powers of the People

The following rights are guaranteed to all OoJ members in an effort to preserve the friendly atmosphere we were founded upon.

-The People have the right to speak freely without threat of punishment. However, The Gov has the right to lock, merge or split topics if they are duplicates, contain excessive profanities/obscenities or have degraded into nothing other than name calling and/or trolling.

-The Members of Ooj have the right to vote on issues that affect the alliance as whole.

-The Members of Ooj have the right to military protection from tech raids and alliance wars.

- The Members of Ooj may leave the alliance at any time, providing you owe no outstanding debt to an OoJ member and provided a resignation message is posted in the appropriate OoJ forum.

Article 2 - Government

Section I - The Body

The OoJ governing body is to consist of 3 groups The Emperor, the Regents and the Justices.

Section II - Government Duties

-The Emperor is the supreme authority of The Order of Justice. He or she has the power to change the charter at will, appoint or remove government officials, ratify treaties, declare war, etc.

-The Cabinet consists of The Regents and the four Justices, or minister heads. The cabinet may overturn any Presidential decree with a 5/8 vote.

-The Regents are in charge of their respective justices and departments they also report directly to The Emperor. They are responsible for setting goals and benchmarks for Justices. In special occasions the regents will officially take over for the Emperor if he or she has been gone for a long period of time (no less then 3 weeks inactive).The Regents can appoint justices after approval from the Emperor.

This is what the Regents oversee

Regent of Internal Affairs:

Department of Internal Affairs

Department of Recruitment

Department of Finance

Regent of External Affairs:

Department of Foreign Affairs

Department of Defense

Department of Propaganda

--The Justices Hold the right to get to the goal set before them by anyway means necessary. The Justices also have the power to appoint a Deputy in order to assist them in any matter as well as the power to remove their own deputy. If any deputy fails to reach a goal they will be under subject of removal upon approval from the Emperor and the regents.

Section III - Impeachment

The Emperor may be only be removed from power with an 80% vote. All members of OoJ are able to vote one this. The vote will last for 72 hours.

The justices and members hold the right to impeach any of the two regents from power by a vote of 80%.

In order to set an impeachment vote into motion the accusing party must present a valid reason.

Article 3 – Emperor Appointment

If leaving, sudden deletion or Impeachment has accrued the Emperor will be succeeded by the previously appointed Member. The appointed member will then be placed under debate and then voted on by the cabinet the vote must be 6/8 to overturn.

In the event that he or she refuses the office, an election will be held. The schedule is as follows, 24 hour appointments, 24 hour debate, 48 hours of voting, 48 hours of voting between the top

Article 4 – War.

Section I - General War Information

The Emperor order reign supreme during any state of war. An aggressive war is only approved through the orders of the Emperor. Failure to comply with an Emperor decree can result in a member’s exile and destruction. We stand together as brothers and sisters and we will fall as such if it be the case.

Section II - Defensive and Offensive War

Defensive - OoJ is a peaceful alliance, however, in the event that war is inevitable the superior officers will issue clear orders and advice when needed.

Offensive - Only a Emperor can initiate a war of aggression.

Section III - Tech Raids

Tech Raids are allowed but need to be approved by the Emperor, Regents or Justice of Defense. They also need to be reported in the appropriate forum.

-No raids on any other Alliance Affiliation.

-We do not have to defend you in a tech raid gone bad.

-Any tech raid that is used by the academy must only get approval from the government.

Article 5 - Diplomatic Efforts

Section I - General Diplomat info

In order to keep healthy relations between alliances a specific Diplomat shall be appointed to run an Embassy in other forums and to keep alliances informed on current activity in OoJ.

Section II - Diplomat appointments

A diplomat will be appointed in the following manner.

-Diplomats must be well known in the OoJ world

-Diplomats must have a history of patience and politeness

-Diplomats must be active and on the OoJ forums at least twice a week

-Diplomats will be appointed by the MoFA

Article 6 - Alterations

This charter can be altered only by the Emperor.


Emperor: ADude

Edited by Syan Wilmont
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