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Vauleyo-Buryatian Peacekeepers return to South Kamchatka

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Peacekeepers return to South Kamchatka

"Today, Vauleyo-Buryatian peacekeepers have once again been deployed to South Kamchatka under a Zhukov Doctrine peacekeeping mandate. The deployment occurred after the end of the previous agreement between the government and the SST under which South Kamchatka was ceded. As the agreement has now reached a conclusion, the ships from the South Siberian fleet that were stationed along the south coast have been temporarily relocated to the Buryatia Sovereign Naval base (B.S.N.) as the free transit agreement comes to an end. The facilities at the BSN are scheduled to be expanded significantly to deal with the basing of more ships at that location until a suitable Naval base is found.

The Navy High Command will deliver a full proposal to the government to rehouse the Naval vessels once a suitable new base is found. One option under discussion is to expand the existing B.S.N. base and permanently base the entire South Siberian Fleet there. In light of the increased number of naval personnel at the B.S.N., the government has dispatched additional supplies to the base via cargo aircraft.

The first unit of Peacekeepers deployed to South Kamchatka is expected to be in place as early as tomorrow morning to ensure a smooth transition upon the withdrawal of the remaining Dai Etania Teikoku forces in the region. The Commander of the Peacekeeping unit has sought to assure all citizens that the peacekeepers will maintain law and order, and that there will be a minimal effect on their daily lives."


South Siberian ships are re-based temporarily at the B.S.N. and military cargo aircraft fly additional supplies and 200 additional personnel to the base to assist the crews.

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