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Is there assistance available for Attacked Nation?

Mick OConnor

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We are being slaughtered. The Nation Of Ire ( NOI ) is only 12 days old. I have been playing this game to build my Nation and have fun. However, some National Leaders on CN like to kill just to kill, even saying so on their Bio. To me, this is an unjust act. Are their any other ways to protect ourselves from this type of childish behavior? The attacker claims that there was a general dispute against our Nation without addressing any information to us at all. Is there any justice to be found in CN. Our Nation was built up in peace and was brought down in horror, leaving us devastated with little left. He keeps attacking, with no response to my peace treaty with His Nation. We are a Christian Nation wishing to live in Peace. We wish to build our Nation with hard work and with honor, not by any means of hatred and unjust cause. We are seeking an Alliance that holds to these ethics. If there are any honorable human beings listening ... Our Tiny Nation is under attack by by means of an evil spirit. Send out your hand. Help us please. My request is honorable. Your means of attack is honorable. Defenders of peace, are you out there? There is no reason for my police to be slaughtered by evil when we wish peace.


Mick O'Connor

NOI - Nation Of Ire

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