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Vauleo-Buryatian Great Military Project begins

Imperator Azenquor

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The Great Project

***Military base underneath the bunkers in Yakutsk***

A team of scientists were assembled in a secret conference room underneath the capital city. Twelve of the foremost scientists in the nation sat around a large mahogany table leafing through several classified military documents.

Just outside of the conference room, two soldiers held an unconscious man in a lab coat as he slowly regained consciousness. The man leapt abruptly to his feet as he took in his unfamiliar surroundings As soon as he stood up, a woman in a military uniform entered the room and dismissed the two soldiers. Before the man could reply, the woman spoke:

“Hello Dr. Yu, I am General Vache of the Vauleo-Buryatian Intelligence Services. I have brought you here because you are the foremost expert in infectious diseases and the counteraction of biological agents.”-Vache

Still groggy from the chloroform, Dr. Yu could only say: “Where am I?”

“That is not important. There are other scientists here who are waiting to speak with you.”-Vache

Without warning she roughly dragged Dr. Yu into the conference room and threw him unceremoniously into an empty chair at the table. The huge metal door to the room swung shut as Vache reached the head of the table and began to speak.

“Gentlemen, you have been brought here because you are the foremost scientists in several important areas vital to our nation’s future. Your expertise is extremely valuable to us, which is why you have been invited to participate in possibly, the greatest scientific project we have ever undertaken. If you accept, you will be given a wide range of projects to work on, and billions of dollars in funds to produce results.

This will be the greatest restructuring our military has done since the fall of Communism in 1988. With your expertise we shall be able to revolutionize the military and our equipment to better deal with modern day threats against our nation. While you cannot speak of what you are doing to anyone, your nation will remember your exploits and service to the cause of the nation.

Dr. Yu, you have had decades of experience examining different biological and chemical agents and how to counter act them. Accordingly, you will be asked to head the Vauleo-Buryatian Department of Chemical and Biological Warfare. You will be working alongside the Department of Missile Technology, the Department of Atomic Warfare, and the Department of Psychological Warfare.”-Vache

The large doors swung open and another man in a lab coat was dragged into the room. Dr. Yu immediately recognized the man as his colleague from the Academy of Sciences, Dr. Jun. For several years he and Dr. Jun worked together analyzing chemical and biological agents.

Without interrupting her speech, General Vache pointed to Dr. Jun and replied:

“Dr. Yu, you already know Dr. Jun. He will be working alongside you in the CBW Department. He will be in charge of the production of chemical agents.”

Suddenly Dr. Jun shouted:

“I demand to be released immediately! I will not allow my research to be used for the production of chemical weaponry! I have dedicated my life to treating the victims of chemical and biological warfare! I shall never…”

Suddenly there was a gunshot and Dr. Jun collapsed. Without flinching, General Vache placed her pistol on the table and spoke once again:

“I take it there are no further objections gentlemen?”

In unison, the scientists replied: “No objections”

Each scientist signed a document binding them to secrecy under penalty of death, before they were escorted out of the tunnels and back to their homes. Unbeknownst to them, all of their homes and offices were bugged by the Intelligence services.

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