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Vauleo Buryatia celebrates the Millennial Festival

Imperator Azenquor

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BCNA: Vauleo Buryatia celebrates the Millennial Festival


“Exactly one thousand years ago on this date the Treaty of Ulan Ude was enacted. The treaty is seen as the definitive birth date of an organized Buryatian state on the eastern shore of Lake Baikal. It was this state that expanded rapidly to become the isolationist Kingdom of Outer Mongolia. Although Vaule existed as a principality, the Kingdom of Outer Mongolia was, for a time the more powerful state.

This era not only marked the birth of a nation, but also the birth of Buryatian culture. With a centralized state, religion and culture flourished. Over the decades this new nation created its own language, and methods or writing, as well as several architectural masterpieces.

The date is also significant as it marked the signing of the Treaty of Vauleya, between the Kingdom and its Vaulian neighbor. The treaty, whos text remains enshrined in a large column on Ohklon Island read:

‘Let all know that to the east of Baikal lies the land of the Buryats, and to the west lies the land of the Vauleya. Through the ages, let all remember this’

This special anniversary will be marked by an entire week of celebrations including a spectacular fireworks display and a grand ball at the Royal Palace in Yakutsk. Each day of the week will celebrate a particular area of Vauleo-Buryatian culture”


Day 1: Military might!

In Revolution Square, crowds of people gathered waving flags as the military parade began. The latest additions to the nation’s military arsenal were proudly on display to the public as the parade began. After the national anthem, the parade began.

Division after division of soldiers marched lockstep through the square to the resounding cheers of the crowd.



-People’s Ground Forces, Women’s Division

In bright red uniforms, the Women of the People’s Police Force marched through the square. The Police Force, which was previously a civilian body, was placed under the direct control of the Military High Command during a series of reforms.


-People’s Police Force

Next up, the soldiers of the Vauleo-Buryatian People’s Ground Forces.



-People’s Ground Forces

Tasked to protect the President, the Presidential Guard!


-Presidential Guard

Charged with projecting power from the sea, the Amphibious Assault Unit of the People’s Navy!


-Amphibious Assault Unit

The People’s Navy!


As the music died down, the crowd cheered as the President took to the stage. President Anyatevich waved to the crowd as he took his seat. The military band began to play the ‘Hymn of the Armored Division’ as military hardware moved through the square

The Royal Rocketry Brigade and Strategic Missile Forces


The Capital Tank Division rolled through the square immediately behind the Rocketry Brigade. The Division took advantage of the parade to debut the T-90V new battle tank.



-The new T-90V

The last of the soldiers to move through the Square, were none other than the People’s Air Force. As they marched through the Square, fighter jets flew overhead in formation.



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