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30 years ago, in New City, Great Lakes State:

He was just 11 years old, his father was the district attorney, and his mother was the head of the New City Police Department. Everything seemed to be fine, he was scoring perfect As in his report cards and had many friends. In fact, today was his birthday.

But that day would change his life, forever...


At home, Bernke Residential Apartment building:

"Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!... How old are you?..." his parents and friends chanted as he sat in front of the chocolate cake decorated with 11 candles and a large phrase, "Happy birthday (OOC: Insert the masked leader's real name :OOC)!"

He blew out the candles and everyone cheered. As his mother begin to slice the cake, the door loudly pounded. "I'll get it!" his father said as he walked to the door and opened it.


All of the kids begin to scream as three heavily armed men (without their masks) bolted into the room and fired their automatic shotgun at the mother's chest, ripping her into nearly two pieces. They then proceeded to spray shells at the kids, spraying gore all over the place and riddling the walls, ceiling, and floor with pellet holes. After they thought they killed everyone, they proceeded to take anything small but valuable and exited the apartment room.

There was a survivor though, the 11 year old kid...


GLS National News report:

Recently at Bernke Residential Apartment building, an apartment room filled with kids were found dead and covered with pellets from shotguns. The two adults, a woman and a man, Graham Francis, the head of the NCPD, and Stran Francis, the city's district attorney, was also found dead in the apartment room. However, there was a child who survived the mass murdering. The 11 year old child said before the murdering started, there was a loud pounding on the door. His father opened the door and was immediately killed on spot by the three men. They then stormed into the room and shot every, and then left.

Police are still trying to find who was behind the killing.


4 years later, In the prosecutor's office:

"So you found who was behind the killing?" the 15 year old teenager asked.

"Yes, but only one of them will be prosecuted since we can only prove that only one was behind the killing." the lawyer, Fran Strezter, replied.

"What do you mean only one? There were three without masks that killed my parents and all of my friends!" the teenager asked.

"Look kid, there is only enough evidence to prove that one of them was killed." Fran Strezter replied.

"The jury will believe me that there were three men, not one who was behind the killing." the teenager replied.

"The jury isn't going to listen to your testimony, especially when you are just a kid. It only matters what you can prove. That is how our justice system works." Fran Strezter said.

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A few days later, outside of the court room:

As the prosecutor and the two defendants exited the courtroom. The other one was charged with mass murdering and escorted to prison, with a prison sentence of 6 years. News reporters flocked to them and fired off questions rapidly. As the prosecutor answered each one of them, he noticed out in the corner of his eye that someone, far outside of the crowd was starting at him.

The 15 year old kid. The teenager then walked away.


6 years later, in New City's northwestern residential slum area:

Tom Tayor was having a fine time of his life. Selling drugs, racking up huge profits, etc. Today he plans on visiting his drug suppliers since his stockpile was running low. He entered the Gray Project apartment, an abandoned and crumbling building, and ignored the stench of urine, vomit, garbage, and other nasty stuff while climbing up the stairs. After reaching the fifth floor, he entered a room missing and door.

Instead of seeing the three drug suppliers, he saw something different. A much smaller person standing next to three bodies entirely covered with darts, including in the eyes and the head. "Oh hi, nice to meet you." the man said as he pulled out a tranquilizer dart gun and fired it at Tom's arm. As he slumped to the ground, the last thing he saw was the person smiling coldly.

Four hours later, in an abandoned nail factory:

Tom woke up on a cold, hard concrete bed, held down with chains. There was a tray sitting on a table next to the bed that had a syringe filled with a clear liquid and a camera on a tripod facing toward him.

The man who shot him with the tranquilizer dart was sitting in a chair nearby and noticed Tom woke up. He walked up to Tom and said, "Hey, remember me? You know, you barged into my apartment room during my birthday 10 years ago and slaughtered every *bleep* friends and my parents in front of my eyes. Care to explain why did you do that?"

"Nah." Tom replied.

"Okay, if you insist..." the 21 year old man said as he picked up the syringe and injected into Tom's arm. "That wasn't poison, that was adrenaline and caffeine. Just the beginning..."

He then picked up a serrated harden steel 24 inch long hacksaw and begin to saw off Tom's right leg. "AHHH! FINE! FINE! I WILL TELL YOU!" Tom screamed in pain. "Good, go on." the person replied as he stopped sawing. "We were paid to kill your parents!" Tom gasped. "Did that include killing all of children? Who sent you and where does that person live? Who was your other partner" the person replied. "Bill! Bill Ray. He was the one who hired us to kill! My other partner was Daniel Mark, he lives in the apartment building next to me in room 113!" Tom replied. "Alright, what about my friends?" the person asked.

Tom did not reply, and the man asked, "That's it?". Tom still didn't reply, and the man pulled out a roll of duct tape from his pocket, tore out a piece, and slapped it onto Tom's mouth. He then pulled on his ski mask, walked to the camera, turned it on, and walked back to Tom. When he did, the man turned to the camera, made a friendly wave, picked up the hacksaw, and begin sawing Tom into pieces.

The last words Tom heard from the man was, "Oh, tell my dead parents and friends that I said hello when you die."

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The next day, outside of the New City Northern Prison:

Hugay Slaw, the man who was charged with mass murdering, finally finished his prison sentence. As he stepped out of the prison's gate, he shouted to the sky, "Yes!"

A split second later, a .50 caliber bullet sliced through his private part, another bullet sliced through his right knee, and the third bullet through his left elbow. He tumbled to the ground as the prison guards noticed what was going on. Just as the alarms blared, an oversized dart filled with sulfuric acid smashed into his skull, instantly killing him. As the guards arrived, they would notice a strong burning stench. The sulfuric acid was rapidly dehydrating Hugay's head, turning it black, and burning it at the same time.


In New City's northwestern residential slum area, in an slum apartment next to Tom Tayor's apartment:

Daniel Mark stumbled into his apartment room after struggling to unlock his door since he was drunk. He flipped the light switch, turned on the TV, and slumped onto his old sofa. As he watched random shows, he noticed there was a bottle of wine and a cork opener lying on the table in front of him. Unable to resist the temptation, he opened the wine bottle using the cork opener and chugged it, not noticing a note lying on the table.

That was his fatal mistake.

That was his last mistake...

It turned out the bottle didn't have wine after all, it was actually pure sulfuric acid. He dropped the bottle, spilling the rest of the sulfuric acid onto his chest and stomach. He didn't even get to scream as he is burnt alive rapidly. The last thing he saw was the note on the table, saying, "Tell my parents and my friends that I said hi when you die." before his eyes closed.

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An hour later, outside of the New City Northern Prison:

"So you are saying that somebody shot him repeatedly with a .50 caliber sniper rifle, fired a dart loaded with sulfuric acid, ran off, and now you can't -bleep- find where the assassin was sitting on his -bleep- during the sniping?" asked Fran Strezter, the district attorney. "That sums up everything." the detective replied. The D.A's cellphone rang and he walked away before answering it.

"Yes?" Fran Strezter asked.

"We got a problem here. Head to the Robosion apartment on 351 North St. Somebody was murdered, brutally." a police officer replied.


At the Robosion apartment, where Daniel Mark was put to "sleep":

"Gross. I get this feeling that it was the same person who murdered someone else at the New City Northern Prison." Fran mumbled as he stared at the burnt body. "I suspect it was sulfuric acid, since actual fire would have attracted the fire department and no other acids would dehydrate the body while burning it black." the police medical examiner said as he gently dumped the wine bottle's contents into a small container. "So, what's that note in the plastic bag?" Fran asked as he read the note in the plastic bag.

Tell my parents and my friends that I said hi when you die.

"My guess is that the murderer wanted revenge for his dead parents and friends." the police detective said. Fran's cellphone rang again and he walked outside of the apartment room while answering it.

"Another murder case, except this one is just outrageously gross. Sliced body pieces everywhere." a police officer said. "Where?" Fran asked. "Admin's nail factory on 12 Industrial St." the police officer replied.


Admin's nail factory, where Tom Tayor died:

Fran was simply staring at the rotting coarsely sliced body pieces as one of the detectives spoke, "We got a phone call from a public phone saying that someone was killed at the Admin's nail factory. We thought it was a prank, so we sent a police officer down here. He vomited at the sight of this stuff and reported it to us what he saw. We even found the head sliced in half vertically."

"So, the murderer used a hacksaw to accomplish his or her mission?" Fran asked as he started at the dried gore covered hacksaw in the plastic bag. "It appears so. Blood, bone pieces, and gore covering that hacksaw tells it all." the detective replied.

"This person was dead since yesterday, since there are already flies covering the body." the medical examiner said as she snapped pictures of the mess using a camera.

"I want to know who is this victim. I think I know who was behind the killing..." Fran ordered.


Meanwhile, at Fran's house:

"Mommy! Here is the soccer game tape!" the 7 year old boy cheered as he ran into the living room. "Alright, you can watch it. I am going to cook dinner." the mother replied from the kitchen.

The body then turned on the TV and the tape player, and inserted the tape into the player. About a minute later, the video finally started playing, but it was something much different than a soccer game.

A ski masked man holding a hacksaw was seen waving to the camera, and then begin to saw the person chained down to a concrete bed to pieces.

"MOMMY!" the boy cried as he buried his face in the sofa pillow.

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In New City:

Almost everyone knew who was Bill Ray. He was the mayor of the city for the past 15 years, somehow massively defeating his opponents despite uproars from the pubic due to his decisions, such as canceling the subway tunnel system expansion and instead pushed his own agenda, a $30 million total makeover on the mayor's house. All of the prosecutors, district attorneys, and the local police force turned blind eye to Bill Ray's glaring and obvious corruption. In fact, the justice system was itself corrupted, innocent people being thrown in jail, cash strapped guilty people spreading fear throughout the city with the police not noticing anything wrong.


During the Christmas parade, a week after the string of murder cases:

It was the typical stuff, snowmen, Christmas trees, and VERY few onlookers due to over 90% of the population wanting Bill Ray to step down and Bill Ray's tendency of over-glamorizing parades to make himself look better. In the middle of the parade, he was seen riding in his state of the art bullet proof 18 karat gold covered limo.

Meanwhile, a remote controlled wheeled robot equipped with multiple loaded RPG-7 launchers and a 4 feet tall camera was parking behind a dumpster, with the camera barely showing itself. When the gold covered limo was passing by, the robot simply backed up, moved to a position where it would expose itself, and fired all of the RPGs at once.

The gold covered limo was never designed to defend itself from RPGs, nevertheless multiple RPGs. The limo exploded fiercely into flames while being blown in half and tumbled toward the other side of the road. None of the onlookers were injured due to the extremely low density of them, but everyone who was in the limo was blown to bits or burnt, including Bill Ray.


40 minutes later:

"Your saying that a remote controlled robot equipped with multiple RPG launchers came around and blew this limo to pieces?" Fran asked. "No doubt, take a look at this robot. It looks like if someone built this themselves, including the RPG launchers." the police detective replied. "And no one noticed the robot..." Fran said to himself. "People are just too angry at Bill Ray to even attend any of his parades, so it wasn't a surprise that no one was looking at the alley." the detective replied before walking away.

A block away:

"Sir, you were speeding. Care to explain why?" the traffic police officer asked. "I'd hardly call that speeding. I was at the speed limit! 25 mph! The limit was 25 mph!" the driver replied. "Sir, you were speeding one tenth of a mile over the limit. The limit, is the limit." the traffic police officer replied.

The driver farts

"CHEMICAL WEAPON ASSAULT AGAINST LAW AUTHORITIES! YOU ARE UNDER ARREST!" the traffic police officer roared as he forced open the door and dragged the driver out of the car. "How is a small amount of methane a hazard to people?!" the driver yelled back while struggling against the police officer. The police officer then turned on his radio and spoke, "We have a suspect on 461th Freedom Avenue who sped over the speed limit, assaulted me with chemical weapons, and is refusing arrest. Requesting backup."

"I am no criminal!" the driver yelled. The police officer replied, "You have the right to remain silent. Do not resist arrest!" The driver then yelled "Hypocrite, I bet you fart at least once a day!" The traffic police officer then pulled out his taser and fired it at the driver, repeatedly zapping him and zapped the driver unconscious before five police cars arrived.

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At New City's Central graveyard, seven days later:

Two hearses transporting the body of Bill Ray and his driver, and three jeeps slowly traveled through the narrow paved roads, flanked by dozens of gravestones. Inside the one in the last, Fran was sitting in the backseats, still wondering who could have killed Bill Ray. His friend, Gorge Fraknlin, the police chief of the entire New City Police Department, was sitting next to him. "Who could be behind this?" his friend asked. "I dunno, practically anyone, from the angry public to people he might have betrayed and maybe his previous political opponents." Fran replied.

Suddenly, both hearses exploded into flames and pieces when several RPGs slammed into them

"-bleep-! Get out!" Gorge Fraknlin yelled. Fran unbuckled his seat belt, unlocked and open the door, jumped out, and started running away. Just as Gorge jumped out, another hail of RPGs slammed into the jeep in front of them, and a few seconds later, their jeep was also hit. The jeep Fran was riding in exploded, killing everyone inside it and hurling massive chunks of flaming debris everywhere, slamming into Gorge and also killing him instantly.

As Fran stared at the line of burning wreckage, being the only survivor, he yelled to the sky, "SHOW YOURSELF YOU LITTLE COWARD -bleep-!" as it begin to snow softly.


Proud Detroit's News:

Today at 1:01 PM in New City's Central graveyard, the two hearses carrying the body of Bill Ray and his limo driver were attacked by a multiple RPG launcher robot, including the two police jeeps carrying Bill Ray's funeral. The only survivor of the attack was Fran Strezter, the district attorney of New City. The police have discovered the assault robot was the same exact one as the robot that caused last week's Christmas parade attack. They suspect the person who was behind Bill Ray's murder was the same one who carried out the funeral attack. More news will be reported soon.


Inside the 21 year old man's hideout:

"Lucky idiot. Oh well, I might as well as save you for last just to show you what happens when justice relies ONLY on "evidence" and when being the law, is being above the law." he said to himself while watching the news.

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In New City's City Police Headquarters:

All of the police chiefs from various district police departments were to attend a conference about the "serious terrorist threat" in New City. The NPF (National Police Force) was finally paying attention of what was going on in New City after strings of attacks targeting the city's government high ranking members, so they also sent an official to attend the meeting. However, for the safety of everyone, the security was increased much more. Extra patrol cars around the building, double the amount of police officers in the building taking role as security guards, multiple screening/searching checkpoints in the building, multiple screening/searching checkpoints covering at least four blocks away from the police station, a nearby bomb squad and S.W.A.T waiting in the parking garage underneath part of the building and other surrounding buildings.

Little do they know that the lone "terrorist" wasn't going to bother to go through all of those security checkpoints...


In one of the arteries of the sewage system, underneath the building:

"Dumb-bleep-, they made their building and the surrounding area the world's most secure area just for a little meeting on how to stop my so called, "terrorist" attacks." the man snickered while breathing through an oxygen mask, wearing a camouflage suit and a oxygen tank. If someone actually comes down in the sewage system, then he can simply dive into the thick stream of sewage to hide.

He was stacking packages of pure nitric acid with smaller packages inside those packages of other chemicals that will violently react with the nitric acid to form a powerful explosion. To speed up the moving, he used two forklift machines, one on each side of the concrete walkways. Where was he stacking those packages? On the concrete walkways lining the large sewage line and in wooden cages which were held by strings to wooden beams that suspend between the concrete walkways. By the time he stacked a good three tons of those explosives, he laid several long bare copper wires around, on, and inside the piles of the explosive packages, connected those wires to even longer ones that weren't bare, and then connected the covered copper wires to handmade device that is designed to send high voltages through the output ends, the wires.

After finishing that task, he then quickly glued, duct taped, and nailed thick plywood sheets together, reinforced with sheets of Carbon fiber-reinforced polymer and wooden framing that were nailed and glued to the concrete walkways on both sides of the massive piles of explosive packages. The reason for the reinforcing? To prevent too much of the explosion from spreading through the air instead of punching through the concrete lining. After blocking off one of the sides, he then worked on the underwater side. He shoved packages of dry soil off the side of the walkway with the help of his forklift machines until he noticed the sewage level rising on the upstream side. He then laid wood beams over the stream of sewage, and dropped long thick sheets of wood sheets with thicken ends between the beams' gaps, blocking half of the sewage line.

He finished the downstream side, finishing half of the blockage. He then finished the upstream side's above water walling, then the underwater one, fully blocking the sewage line, and the rest of the walling. He picked up the electrical device and ran down the downstream side of the sewage line for about ten blocks, climbed up through a manhole into an alley.

He pressed the big red button as he smiled...


Back in New City's City Police Headquarters:

The conference just started as the head of the city police force, Johnston Fox, a corrupted person, addressed the issue by starting off of the murdering incidents. After finishing that, he then said, "We will show the terrorists who is the boss of New City, and bring them to justice!".

A loud massive explosion from underground blasts the entire building's foundation to pieces and left the building suspending in the air for less than a split second

The building rapidly collapse into the giant crater created by the explosion, pancaking anyone and anything inside the building. By the time the dust settled, all was remained was a crater that extended nearly a full block and down to the sewage line, with a dust covered rubble of the New City's City Police Headquarters in the center and blasted buildings lining the rims of the crater.

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In one of the district police stations' conference room:

A video, sent to Fran Strezter:

A ski masked person sitting in front of a table spoke:

"You know who I am. Remember? 6 years ago? You told me that you were only going along with evidences other than my testimony. Had you tried a little harder, actually showing an effort in cracking down the faulty evidences and get the police department to cough out the true evidences, there wouldn't be so much blood shed. In fact, you even allowed the judge to give the prosecuted killer a 6 year sentence! 6 year sentence! What was the minimum sentence for 1st degree murder 6 years ago and today? A life sentence. What was the minimum sentence for 2nd degree murder six years ago and today? 25 years!

Now I am expecting you to go with what you said 6 years ago, to only go with what the investigation can prove without using eye witnesses or personal beliefs. To only prosecute who has seemly suspicious evidence that might had been crafted by the police. Catch you if you can, because I will kill every last law authorities and save you for the last."

"ARRRGGGHHH!! I AM GOING TO KICK YOUR -bleep-! You -bleep- idiot!" Fran screamed as the police officials stared at the TV. "What are you looking at?!" Fran yelled when he spun around and saw all of them staring at him. "Looks like we have to pull some strings, since all of the evidence we have gathered so far are a dead end and doesn't point to that masked guy." one of the vice police chiefs said.

"I know that masked guy, he was that kid who I met 6 years ago, his name is (OOC: Enter in a name :OOC)." Fran replied. "Perfect, that is all we need to bring him to justice." another vice police chiefs added in.


GLS National News:

The NCPD has identified who was behind all of the mass killing, it was (OOC: Enter in a name :OOC). However, they have not shown any evidences yet since they said those evidences are classified and will pose a threat if opened to public's eye.


A random citizen in Detroit's International Metro Airport's lobby:

"Typical. They probably crafted fake evidences." she said out loud.


The man:

"They fail so miserably, they simply can't bother to gather real evidences and instead prefer to craft fake ones under someone's assumption of who did that. Time to contact the Lighting Thieves Gang and see what they can do about that." he said as he opened the door, left the abandoned warehouse, walked up a person wearing a hat marked with a gang symbol who was also walking around. "Think you can get your boss to contact Lighting Thieves Gang?" the man asked. "Oh hi Bar, sure, just hop into my car." the Snake gangster replied.

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At the Lighting Thieves Gang's HQ, before the gang went on a insane stealing rampage:

"John Jim, I might need some help. The police are hunting me down after all of those "terrorist" activities I caused. In return, it might benefit your gang since the police will be even more distracted." the man asked.

John Jim replied, "No, that is going to drag the federal police into this mess and make everything worse when they go as further as dragging in the military. Remember last year? The Cobra gang? Yeah, they got their rear end kicked by the military after evading and angering the police so much by cutting into the NCPD's drug sales."

The man then replied, "That was because the Cobra left so much evidences behind them that all it took was a few day of investigation to figure who was behind the drug customers nabbing. In my case, they had to fall back to crafting false evidence that would be seen as blanks in the eyes of the NPF. All I did was kill some law authorities, blew up their headquarters, and etc. I am going to bring New City's justice system and NCPD down its knee. All of the -bleep-storm that will spark will cause internal disputes in the justice system, driving NCPD's and NPF's attention away from the gangs to the corrupted people inside the justice system."

John Jim then pondered for while, and then asked, "What do you need?"

"Manpower, some weapons, money for bribing, supplies, and lots of cameras."


At the courthouse, in one of the judges' offices, the judge who gave an illegal light sentence for one of the killers six years ago, a day later:

"So you want an arrest warrant?" the judge, Kim Grazj asked. "That would be true. Keep in mind we are dealing with a terrorist that want revenge against everyone that wronged him, including you. Then he would blow up the entire New City's justice system for good and force the government to replace it entirely." Fran replied. "Hm, one of those stubborn criminals. I looked though your evidence report, and I see some suspicious parts in it within the first reading." Kim replied. "This terrorist we are dealing with, is the same one 6 years ago. Remember that 15 year old boy who wanted all three of the suspected killers arrested? Yeah, it's him now, and he has covered up ALL of his trails preventing us from using evidences to arrest him." Fran replied.

"Alright, I see what you mean." Kim said as he signs the arrest warrant. His cellphone rang right after Kim finished writing the arrest warrant. He opened up his cell phone, pressed it against his ears, and asked, "Hello?"

The only reply was the cellphone exploding into flames, instantly burning and shattering the head from the incendiary bomb that was planted inside the cellphone by Kim's secretary.

"Oh -bleep-..." was all Fran muttered as security guards bolted into the office.

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NPF's top arrest priority:


Find the terrorist who is after the entire New City justice system and police force. Kill the suspect if necessary. Avoid civilian causality.


GLS national news:

And now we shall take a commercial bre-

Signal suddenly changes to a video feed

"Hi everyone, wanna see something interesting?"

Video feeds of police officers secretly selling drugs, inside the police stations are shown.

Yeah, the police you are throwing your tax money at is basically a one big happy family of gangsters that are brave enough to be above the law.

Oh, and lets see some mor-

Signal suddenly switches back to GLS National News

"We are sorry for the inconvenience, somebody had hacked into our computers. Now with the "break" over, lets resume the news, shall we?"


In NCPD's secret illegal drug warehouse, during that same night:

A small group of 10 masked people forced into the warehouse by entering through the sewers (there were sewers maintenance caps inside the warehouse). They then spread throughout the building, taking pictures and recording videos of various drug deals in the warehouse while avoiding the surveillance cameras that had many blind spots for about an hour. After they were done, they then grouped together just outside of the security room, the only area that didn't have any surveillance cameras.

"Three, two, one, go." the 21 year old man ordered right when he opened the door and everyone bolted in, silently shooting the guards with tranquilizer dart guns. After that, they torn out all of the surveillance tapes and left the building the same way they did before.


The next day, GLS National News, during the Super Bowl (OOC: a football game :OOC):

We will be taking a short commercia-

Video feed is disrupted and replaced by another one

"Hey everyone! Here are all of these video tapes of NCPD officers carrying out drug deals!"

Videos of the drug deals starts

30 minutes later, the video feed is disrupted again and replaced by GLS National News


In NCPD's temporary HQ, the next day:

"This is going to -bleep- real soon. That punk had copied off of our security tapes from here and the drug warehouse. How did he do that?!" Fran yelled at the vice director of the NCPD. "You know, there is something called, "bribery" and "friends". Looks like the punk you are talking about might have friends in the police force or simply bribed someone with access to the security tapes.

"I need you to find a way of preventing NPF from investigating what is actually going on ASAP." Fran replied. "Since when did you became the all knowing dictator? I am already working on that." the vice director replied. "He is going to kill every last law authority personal in New City before me, and I have no interest in seeing everyone die in my eyes. Even if he fails, he will try to drag us down with him by alerting the NPF." Fran replied. "Leave it up to the police, you are the D.A., you don't manage the police force, I manage it. You manage the prosecution section of the justice system. Now get out of my eyes." the director ordered before walking away.

"This -bleep- was not in my plans..." Fran thought to himself as he also walked away.

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