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Curristan & Furion Announcement


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Curristan-Furion Economic & Friendship Treaty

Article I:

Both Curristan and Furon agree to harbor no ill-will towards each other, as well as to agree to be diplomatic about any possible events that may arise within the lifespan of this treaty.

Article II:

Furon agrees to open up the Tsugaru Strait as a shipping-lane, should Curristan wish to use it when shipping to and from Asia.

Article III:

Furon & Curristan both agree to lower prices on certain company products from the respective foreign country, in an act to encourage a competitive market within their own respective nation.

For Curristan:

President Lisa Black

Mark Richards, Curristan Minister for Foreign Affairs

For Furon:

Prophet, Arkvoodle's Chosen One

It is with a great honor, that Furon has the pleasure of announcing this treaty with our new-found friends, Curristan!

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