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Johto Empire News, Research and Developments

Markus Wilding

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Radio silence lifted

Military arms program begins

Naval training commences


The Sul-35 rifle, a new assault rifle is set to replace the AKS-74u as the main assault rifle. Tests and development is still undergoing, but it is expected to replace the AKS-74u in about six months. Head weapons designer Abdul-Badi Muzaffar Salib is leading the project.


A concept for the new gun.

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National debt has stricked the Empire, as God-King Sulieman's elaborate new courthouse has cost too much, much more than the Empire currently has. Production on some projects has stopped completely, while budget cuts are felt everywhere.


JES Zulu production has stopped, frozen at %0.07.

Sul-35 rifle has nw design, is still going but budget cuts severely limit the amount of testing.


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