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The Vault

I. Preamble

There was a nuclear war and we're in a vault y'all.

II. What is this Gov I don't even?

Vault Gov will consist of:

* The Overseer.

* The Vault Council.

In the event of an important decision, a vote will be taken amongst the council and the Overseer. In the event that a vote is deadlocked 2-2, the Overseer's vote will be the tie breaker. In the event that an issue threatens the safety of the alliance and requires urgent action, the Overseer may act without consultation of the council to preserve alliance security.

An additional council seat will be awarded midway through the round to a member that displays extraordinary ability and loyalty to the Vault. If any council member should resign or is otherwise unable to perform his/her task, the Overseer shall appoint a new one after consultation with the remaining council members.

The Vault Council and Overseer will do their best to grant a voice to any and all Vault members. Any ideas or suggestions will be respectfully considered.

III. War

Yes please. We'll be more than happy to strap on our Power Armor and defend our buddies.

IV. Diplomacy

We like you. Please talk to us so we don't have to get all creepy about it. You may reach the vault at our forums.

V. Admittance

We like applicants. Even more than diplomats (psst, don't tell them but we like you WAY better)

All you've got to do is switch your in-game AA to "The Vault", register at our forums, and fill out a very short application. Then you're free to spam and mess around with the rest of us.

The Vault would like to have lots of members, but we'd like to have lots of fun even more. So if you take yourself incredibly seriously and don't have a sense of humor, please switch your alliance affiliation to "Emo" and spare us. The Vault intends to be a fun, lighthearted alliance based on community and friendship. The drama llama has been eaten. It's meat was delicious and there is no drama left.

Forums are located here for all your applying goodness: http://z6.invisionfree.com/Vault100

tl;dr - 'sup.


Rickyman1984 - Overseer

Deeleeshush - Council

Natas31 - Council

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if you take yourself incredibly seriously and don't have a sense of humor, please switch your alliance affiliation to "Emo" and spare us

How about to "DominateU" ? Serious people, who occasionally are funny, WILL dominate. Anyhow,

" Welcome to the planet.

Welcome to existence.

Everyone's here, everyone's here

Everybody's watching you now

Everybody waits for you now

What happens next?

What happens next?

I dare you to move

I dare you to move. "

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