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A Short Message to Texas

Angela Spencer

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Dear Chris Nguyen

Relations between our two countries have been strained due to the threat you have made over Queensland. 
As the Prime Minister, I hope to mend up ties. Please arrange a meeting in Austin.


David Cameron 
Prime Minister of New Anglica

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Unfortunately, we are currently very busy here in Austin.  However, as soon as we can find some time for you to come, we will schedule that.  Nevertheless we eagerly await your arrival.

Pres. Chris Nguyen

OOC: I got Jed over here right now, but I don't know when we'll be finished.

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OOC: You could always just say the meetings are happening at different poiunts in the timeline.

OOC: I'll just assume this and continue.

IC: Austin

David Cameron got off the plane followed by several aides. Descending upon the stairway that was placed in front of the door, he smiled and waved in greeting to the visitors as he reached the ground. Several aides followed behind him.

One of them had a rather serious look on his face.


The Serious Aide

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OOC: Ugh, RL is so hectic!

IC: Nguyen stood at the ground awaiting Cameron. Upon their arrival, he walked up to them, greeted them, and shook their hands. When he came up to the Serious Aide, he started to extend his hand, but noticing the look on his face, pulled it back and scratched his head. He said to Cameron, "Welcome to Texas. I hope you all enjoyyour stay here. Especailly you," Nguyen said, gesturing to the serious man.

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