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The Mafia


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The world of Cybernations is a dangerous and complicated place. Without the help of others you can quickly become confused and at risk for attack by "raiders". What every nation needs is a system of support that can only come in the form of an alliance.Thats where the The Mafia comes in. The Mafia offers stability, security and strength, and at 2 years old, we have withstood the test of time.

Some benefits of membership include:

- 12 million in new member aid

- Infrastructure aid buying programs

- Tech buying/selling opportunities ( a great way to make money)

- Stable and dependable leadership

- Companionship in a tight knit community

- No dumb test to join

To learn more, please follow this link or private message me any time for a swift response on CN, Adamilliren

.: http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Family_Home/index/ :.

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2 yrs and counting we have been thru it all....major wars, splits, coups and all and we are still here stronger than ever..over 70 members cant be wrong..join today and see what the mafia has to offer you

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