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Buryatia begins Operations Ice and Fire

Imperator Azenquor

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Operation Fire


-Map of Severnaya Zemlya

The government of Buryatia, who took charge of the responsibility of administering the Protectorate region due to the dissolution of the government of the Hanseatic Commonwealth, has announced plans to hold a referendum in Severnaya Zemlya. The government recognized that Severnaya Zemlya, formerly a part of Crimea Iso, represented a case similar to Novaya Zemlya.

After preliminary negotiations with the Transitional Government of Severnaya Zemlya, the government has agreed to hold a referendum in the territory. If approved, the region would join the United Kingdom of Buryatia as an autonomous territory with a devolved Parliament.

In an agreement with the Transitional government of the Former Crimea Iso, the referendum would go ahead but all other former territories of Crimea Iso would be barred from holding referenda to join Buryatia. The agreement would also facilitate a motion to allow former citizens of Crimea Iso who wish to join Buryatia to move to Severnaya Zemlya, and those who do not wish to join Buryatia may opt to move south, depending on the results of the referendum.

Operation Ice

The first ships deployed to the Antarctic territory deploy their personnel to begin construction of a small research facility along the coast of the territory. The workers construct a small temporary base, dock and storage system to be used by scientists in their three year expedition. The base was to be constructed so that it had as little impact on the Antarctic environment as possible, but was still fully functional.


Some of the supplies are diverted to construct a small runway and a medium security prison facility. The complex, referred to as ‘Base X-273’ was placed at the heart of the Buryatian Antarctic Territory. The base would be walled off with several blocks to house prisoners and supply and guard posts. At maximum capacity, the base would house 34,000 prisoners.

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