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Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges


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The smell, it was probably the most worst part of his current existence, for months she had been forced to live in it but without it but without she probably would not be alive anymore. The patrols had been looking for her for ages, if she would not manage to stay ahead she would be purged just as the others. Suddenly she heard a sound taking her rifle she aimed it at the only entrance to the area. “Quick Natalia you have to go, the patrols are here” a male voice said as Natalia followed him, he was right the patrols were right on to them. To stay ahead they ran into a forest so they all had to use their feet rather than armored vehicles. Part in her was happy she finally was able to feel the fresh air again instead of the building where dozens of dead people had been rotting, another part knew this could be the end and the last part wished they would get them and shoot them immediately but in all fear ruled her every move. The 2 thinking they were at a safe distance sensed a light not much later the man fell on the ground, dead. As she turned to help him she saw what had killed him, several holes in the back had made her the only one alive to know about the secret Buenos Aires was so desperately trying to hide. With a pain in her heart she was forced to move on and so she did. Realizing returning fire would only reveal her position she dropped the rifle and tried to get to a cave or some other place to hide.

Approximately 200 meters ahead she saw it an abandoned cave perfect. The tension and desperation inside her made her a bit too enthusiastic only a few steps away she felt a strange sensation but strangely enough no pain. Falling down on the ground blood would flow as patrols came closer.

“Target down” he said looking if she was still alive.

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