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IP changes.


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1.) Are multiple nations allowed?

No. A player may not have more than one nation. This rule was implemented Feb. 18, 2006. There is one nation per player, period. Players in possession of multiple nations before Feb. 18 were grand fathered under the conditions that they do not break any game rules. Players controlling legal, grandfathered multiple nations may not use them to trade, send aid to the others or wage multiple wars on a single opponent. The game staff uses more than just IP evidence to detect multi users, so if you violate this rule you face nation deletion and/or a possible ban from the game.

* Violation of these rules will lead to immediate nation deletion and/or a permanent ban from the game and forums.

2.) My family/friend wants to play but we are on the same network. What do I do?

Only one nation is allowed per IP as of 03/13/07. Period.

Regarding this. I notice this is asked a lot, but if my brother created his nation on my network, but since then only uses his college network will the IP still be the same as mind resulting in deletion of both nations?

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