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City 1, Arctic Colony-update

Zoot Zoot

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Premier Barney,

I will keep this short mate for the sake of easy reading, all the details just create a wall of text for you to read... and i know how you hate walls of texts.

so, we shall start with the airfield.

The Airfield is fully operational, with under-runway heating to keep the ice at bay, and large sheet metal barriers that can be riased to shield the runway from High winds to lessen the threat of accidents. The termal has been completed, its only small though, roughly the same size as a secondary school... a Full sized Airport wouldnt be wise out here, to much stuff can go wrong. It can handle 2 Boeing 747's at a time and 2 Hercules Transport aircraft.

The City itself is doing fine, we have almost finished construction of a dome to go over the top to act like a greenhouse so we can grow gardens and grass etc, grow our own food.

the pack animals however all died from the cold so we sent for some more, and they arrived a few hours ago on the ships, so once the dome is completed we are going to expand outwards in all directions as a city, and slowly expand the domes to accomodate more people.

The wind and wave farms have been completed and are now working 100% effiency to provide clean... but crude energy, this commonly known "Soviet era" technology is.. for a word, rubbish for clean energy so i would like more money being put into tech research Barny, it will help in the longrun.

The dockyard is complete aswell, we simply moved our mobile articial dock towards the rock formations, and for a word "anchored" it into the granite. speaking of which, the underground bunkers/accodation is coming onlong very well. whilst drilling, we cam across a Natural Cavern and the survayers said it was Solid, no chance of collapse, either way, we have been working night and day for a whole week since finding out, so we can create a good work place and get to completing the winter accomodation until the domes are completed over the city.

one small favour before i forgot, we have around 4000 occupants in the city, still plenty of space so if you can, try and drum up around 1000/2000 more people to come move over?

anyhow if you need anything just write me.

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