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Same Network??


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Hello. My ruler name is Beno95. Few days ago I sent an real life friend of mine Adi "1mil". I later today signed on to my Cybernations account from his Computer and IP. Since he uses the same computer and IP for his nation, It gave us an Possible Rule Violation?

Possible Rule Violation

IMPORTANT: The foreign aid offer above has been marked as a potential rule violation due to accounts on the same network and has been canceled automatically by the system.

His Ruler name is FikretAbdic95. Admin or Moderator please do an IP check to see that this is not an MULTI! Please, Please. If you see the IP I use on my nation pretty much everyday, and the one I made my Nation from you will see that it is different same goes for him. I have sent Aid before to my other RL friends who play CN, and I have also signed in from there houses before, but I never had this problem since I didn't send them Aid in those 10days?



PS: Sorry, If this is wrong place to post topic, please move it to right place :)

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The Cyber Nations Moderation/Game Staff do not and will not run an IP check by request to see if you are in compliance with the Terms of Service.

Since you shared the same network you can never aid/trade/war with each other again. The rules state one nation per person, and one nation per network - that means login from your network, and your network only. Cease logging in from each others' networks immediately and from now on and you will be fine.

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