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Espionage Act


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OOC: Sub-title should read "17 Athenian Businessmen to be Tried"


*Story Reported by an Athenian News Network*

Ah, Hello Athens, you are watching Edward Shah; I'd first of all like to thank you all once again for making my show the most watched prime time television news show on the air. Thats a fairly major accomplishment, and the ratings have shown a 25% gain in our viewer ship since last time. That beings said, onto more important things...

The prime minister of Corrinth recently pushed through a new espionage act granting the executive branch descretionary powers in arresting suspected spies. The parliament largely composed of individuals either supported by the well off bourgeoisie of the city, or well off themselves. While it isn't confirmed it is suspected especially by individuals here in Athens that the new act is being used to either eliminate, or discourage foreign competition in the trade markets particularly Athenian Merchants. We are presently their greatest competitor when it comes to food staples, and finished goods.

As of late many Athenian's traveling to Corrinth, chief among them the business class have found themselves being harassed by city police, and agents of the Executive's office. One executive with a local company who spoke under the condition of anonymity stated,

*Picture off to the side*


* Silhouette Figure*

"I have been traveling in and out of Corinth for the last year on a nearly weekly basis. However this time upon checking into my usual hotel I was approached by two fully armed police officers. They requested that I answer a few questions; I agreed to do so but said that I would need to first drop my stuff off and change. Upon saying that they told me I was disobeying a municipal officer, and arrested me. While there was no abuse I got slapped with a F$5000 fine, deported, and I still have not been reimburse for my lost luggage, and clothing."

We contacted the Corinthian government asking for a few comments on the matter; however I assure you the effort was fruitless. At first they stated that the individual in question was acting belligerent to the officers, and attempting to provoke them. When we reminded them that he was in his sixties and a businessman with no prior record they transfered us to another individual who hat that point told us that quote "nothing happened, and no arrest had been made". This confused us, unfortunately they failed to elaborate further. Of course this wasn't the only cause, we have had 73 specific reports by individuals of this kind of behavior occurring, and have heard rumors about countless other occurrences.

Unfortunately the Corinth police are not limiting themselves to false arrests, and the theft of luggage. This afternoon 17 mid level managers from an assortment of companies headquartered out of Athens were arrested, and have yet to be released. These individuals are reportedly being denied protection under the constitution of Corinth, and are expected to be brought before a special tribunal to determine whether they are indeed guilty of "espionage". While the list of tribunal members has not been published the board itself is chosen by the Prime Minister's office. While the companies in question have all expressed dis-satisfaction, Prince Ryn Atrevier II issued the following statement.

*Speech Clip*

"On the recent occurrences in Corinth... The allegations of espionage are absolutely absurd; this is nothing more than a corrupt congress's way of getting around trade agreements, and driving out foreign competition for the sake of their own pocket books, and re-elections. We demand the immediate release of the arrested Athenians. Failure to do so will be met with sanctions and economic consequences on the part of Corinthian businesses operating here in Athens, and her surrounding territories."

There has not yet been a response on the part of Corinth or its government. Trials are scheduled for tomorrow morning.

After the break, we will be talking about the recent unemployment figures, and the overall economic downturn Athens seems to be experiencing; so don't go away.

*End of Segment.*

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