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Air Force Base - Vladivostok

king of cochin

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The Royal Cochin Air Force today commissioned its Foreign Air Force Base at Vladivostok in the Haruhiist Empire. The Air Force Base and Army Base have been set up at Vladivostok under the treaty signed between the Haruhiist Empire and the Dragon Empire. The Naval Base was already being used by the Royal Cochin Navy as a carry over from the treaty with the erstwhile Hanseatic Commonwealth.

The Army Base was occupied by the 1st Marine Division which is expected to make it its Regimental Headquarters. The 1 Marine Task Force and Carrier Task Force TF05 has also been based at Vladivostok. The RF30 regiment of 50 Mig29s of Royal Cochin Air Force became the first to base at the new Vladivostok AFB. They would soon be joined by a transport regiment being formed with Halobs, Merats and Metacs with associated support aircrafts, AWACS and Tankers.

The base is expected to be visited by Crown Prince Vikram Kerala Varma who is currently in the Haruhiist Empire to participate in the festivities launched by the God Empress.

In other news, Royal Cochin Air Force announced the induction of 20 new regiments of Jadayu Mk.II Stealth Fighter Bombers. They are to be named RF37 to RF56. This new addition brings Cochin's manned fighter complement to 57 regiments in the Air Force and 6 regiments in Navy. Additional 6 regiments of Jadayu Mk.II, the naval version is getting ready to replace the Mig29K regiments currently serving in RCN's Carriers.

OOC: Just bought a Foreign Air Force Base wonder.

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"We congratulate the Haruhiist Empire and the Kingdom of Cochin on reaching an agreement on this matter."


"Be careful, there's recently been spy sightings on our own naval base located within fifty miles of Vladivostok. We don't know whether this event is related to the assassination attempt on the live of the Haruhiist Vice Empress, but in accordance with the Intelligence sharing clause of the AUP charter we figured we'd let you know."

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xx Classified xx

"We thank Zargathia for sharing this intelligence with us. The military base at Vladivostok is a secured facility and not vulnerable to covert attacks. One full Marine Division is garrisoned there for additional security.

We shall increase the alertness level based on this intelligence."

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Air Force Base Vladivostok has gained some new addition. The RF52 regiment of 50 JM2 stealth fighter bombers are the new residents of this base. They are here to improve the defenses of the base in case of an attack by the Imperial Union encampment in Miyako. Joining them are a squad of Raptor high altitude stealth UAV and a squadron of extra S-RECO UAVs.

The Marines of the 1st Marine Division are re assessing the security parameters of the base from a probable IU attack. The Base commander has been promised by Quarter Master Command that additional air defense units would be provided to the base.

Meanwhile Task Force 04 is deployed in East Sea doing a veritable ballet. Imperial Union Navy would have to meet them as the first wave of defense for the Kingdom.

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