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Controlling the Tempest

King Kevz

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The sun glistened off the rain drops that hung from the blades of grass before the small dojo nestled away in the hills away from the life and breath of the modern world. The building itself stood open and welcoming, inviting all who viewed it to enter and rest. Of course rest wasn't what Sandra had planned as she swung her feet out of the rental car she was borrowing and onto the gravel, no she had come here on a recommendation from a friend who had listened to her story and showed her to the right place.

No instead of relaxation she was here to learn, to strengthen herself and to combat her inner tempest. She knew she had a short temper and as her actions proved it was time she fought to control it and prove that she was a stronger and better woman than most people thought. The world viewed her as a angry, young and foolish girl with a streak of violence to her name and they were right and if anyone was to help her it would be Master Hon-Ching of the Rose Blossom Dojo.

Stepping carefully but quickly she crossed the short distance to the building's entrance admiring the simple beauty of the structure and the land around it. Reaching the open entrance she removed her shoes and placed them neatly alongside the single pair of sandals that were tucked away behind the door and stepped inside, looking around for Master Hon-Ching.

"Greetings my child how may I help you?" a elderly sounding voice said from behind her and she turned to find an old japanese man dressed in a simple robe and carrying a watering can standing before her. "I am looking for Master Hon-Ching sir?" replied Sandra with a short bow of respect and a smile creased the man's features as he returned it. "That is me my child. I see you are the young woman I was told to expect. Come follow me" Master Hon-Ching said stepping past her and walking in to the main room, being careful to watch her steps Sandra followed close behind.

The pair walked across the soft but firm floor before stopping in the dead centre of the room. Turning to face her Master Hon-Ching placed the watering can to the side before gesturing for Sandra to sit down with him. Sandra watched as Master Hon-Ching lowered himself down on his knees with his legs underneath him so that he was raised slightly off the floor, Sandra trying to copy him ended up sliding to one side and had to pick herself up off the floor whilst Master Hon-Ching watched with a neutral face. This time taking it at a slower pace she managed to slide her legs underneath her and remain upright with some effort.

"Well done my child. This is my first lesson to you. Patience. Take everything slowly, do not rush. You must think before you act or your choices and actions will not be the ones you truly desire. Now let us move onto your next lesson" Master Hon-Ching said as he closed his eyes and crossed his hands across his lap.

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OOC: I'll be limiting my posts here...been trying to limit my OOC comments with limted success anyway...so this will probably be the only one from me.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that this is well-written, and perfectly in keeping with the character you've established. :) Keep it going, OK?

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"Now follow my example and cross your hands whilst closing your eyes" spoke Master Hon-Ching and Sandra nodded her head even though it couldn't see and followed his example, managing to maintain her balance with some effort. After a few short seconds he spoke again "Good now take a deep breath, allow the air to fill your body and feel your spirit lighten". Even though she didn't fully understand the Master's meaning she did as asked and took in a deep breath, feeling her lungs expand and strangly her body did feel in a way lighter. She held the breath for a couple of seconds before slowly breathing it out.

"I always find this to be a calming exercise, whenever you find yourself in a situation where you feel angry or stressed then just close your eyes and take a deep breath allowing you spirit to unburden itself and thus allowing your mind to find the true answer you seek" said Master Hon-Ching as he opened his eyes and looked to Sandra. "Now open your eyes again" he spoke.

Doing as asked Sandra opened her eyes to see Master Hon-Ching moving across the floor heading for a rack of different weapons that were attached to the wall. He turned once he had reached them and motioned for Sandra to cross over to him which she quickly did, stopping to rest by the Master's right side. "This is how we shall measure your progress. You will not only be learning how to control your inner self but also your outer self", seeing the confusion on Sandra's face Master Hon-Ching smile softly before explaining what he meant. "What I mean young one is that I shall teach you on how to defend yourself as not only will it help you in keeping you healthy but it will help sharpen your mind".

Reaching for the lowest placed weapon which resembled a blunt wooden sword Master Hon-Ching continued his explanation "All of these weapons are the same except each one becomes sharper at each level. As your training and control improves we shall move onto a sharper weapon. For now we shall start with the bluntest weapons as your control is still very limited". Taking a hold of the handles of two of the swords he handed one to Sandra who gripped it tightly in both hands before following Master Hon-Ching back to the centre of the room.

Sandra watched as Master Hon-Ching calmly and carefully took up a stance with his feet apart and a two handed grip on the handle of his sword, which he brought down so that the tip of the blade pointed at Sandra's chest. "As this is your first training session let me warn you that I will never "go lightly on you" as the western people say. This is not some sort of movie or sport this is a time honoured tradition of equal warriors dueling one another for strength and honour not victory. Now attack me" he said seriously.

Taking a short breath Sandra sprung forwards and pulled her sword around in a horizontal arc with as much force as she could aiming for Master Hon-Ching's side. As the blade twisted around the old master swiftly turned to one side and brought his on weapon around to knock Sandra's away and at the same time causing her to over balance and trip ending with her falling to the floor and sprawled in a heap. Picking herself up she glared at Master Hon-Ching before launching herself at him thrusting the tip of her blade's edge straight at his chest. Without seeiming to make any real move Hon-Ching stepped past her attack and brought his own weapon down under Sandra's and in between her legs where a sharp and quick flick of his wrist again sent Sandra to the floor.

"You attack with too much anger my child and it cloud's your judgement. Remember you must have patience. Do not let your anger control you, instead control it. Now come attack me again" said Master Hon-Ching wisely as Sandra stood up from the floor and spread her feet apart.

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The sounds of wood striking wood echoed through out the dojo for many hours, never letting up except for a few seconds every now and then and whilst this went on morning became afternoon and then moved on again to night. Once Master Hon-Ching had called the training session to a close Sandra had all but collasped onto the floor but her pride managed to keep her on her knees as she continued to breath heavily, through all of the hours of practise she had failed to even touch Master Hon-Ching whereas, she was battered and bruised and yet she saw in the Master's eyes that she had started on the road of improvement and that gave her something to be proud of.

Walking acros the room with very little effort and thus unitenially showing how little Sandra's efforts had on him Master Hon-Ching rested a hand on Sandra's shoulder as he stopped before her. "You have done well today young one but the road ahead is still long and filled with difficulty. You should go shower and rest for tonight and we can continue this tomorrow" he said before pointing to a concealed hot spring that was placed to the rear of the dojo and then moving away to do some sort of task or something.

Of course it was open to anyone who decided to visit the dojo and any seeing her naked body would lead to quite an embarrasing incident. However, the aches and pains in her body convinced Sandra that taking a well deserved rest in the spring was the best idea right now and slowly she made her way out of the dojo and across to the hot spring where she carefully undressed and placed her clothes a short reach away from the edge of the spring in a neat pile before gently lowering herself into the warm waters of the spring.

As soon as the water was up to her neck and she was sitting comfortably against the spring's floor a sigh of pleasure and relief escaped her lips as she felt her tense muscles relax and the sting of the bruises seemed to fade. It really was worth risking embarrassment to let her body relax and heal, she was just about to close her eyes and get a few minutes sleep when she heard a sharp whistle from a man to her left and in shock she slipped uner the water and came up spluttering to the sound of a man's laughter.

She immediately pulled her arms up over her chest to cover her breasts whilst glaring at the young man only about a year or two older than her who was folded over with laughter. "Oh man that was brilliant, you should have seen your face" he said still laughing ignoring her angry glare. Suddenly his tone turned serious and the look he gave Sandra made her recoil slightly "My name is Jacob and I am Mater Hon-Ching's apprentice and I will be his only apprentice and don't you forget that. I don't care who you are or why you are here but I will make sure you fail" he then quickly walked away but not before looking over his shoulder with a grin. "Nice body" he said with a laugh before disappearing into the dojo.

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