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Elections in Diadochoi

Nagato the Great

Elections in Diadochoi  

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at the insistence of Premier Gena Korsunsky, national elections for Premier and Chairman of the Party are to be held from this year on. The term of the Premier is 5 years, as is the Chairman. The current chairman of the Party is Mikhail Nagato, who like Korsunsky will be running this year.

The current candidates are:

Gena Korsunsky


the current Premier has ushered in the age of communism in Diadochoi after centuries of imperialism. Gena Korsunsky led the nation through a terrible civil war against the ruling Imperialists, and then again against insurgent Imperialists.

Capital Punishment: No

Religion: None (leaning towards Christianity)

Age: 46

Birthplace: Murmansk, Diadochoi

Foreign Policy: very open and unaggressive

Dima Forestin


Long an Imperialist politician with a hidden agenda to destroy the Imperial government, Dima Forestin joined the resistance after it had been going on for two years and quickly became a leader known for his quick thinking and aggressiveness.

Capital Punishment: No

Religoin: Christian

Age: 62

Birthplace: Akhatova, Diadochoi

Foreign Policy: Aggressive

Also there are three candidates for the position of Chairman of the Party:

Mikhail Nagato

His father Yuri was the leader of the Imperialist Diadochoi when the Communist resistance began, which he immediately joined. though saddened by his father's death, Mikhail Nagato has sworn to serve well as the Chairman and, according to many people, has in his past term.

Capital Punishment: Varies

Religion: Jewish

Age: 32

Birthplace: Akhatova, Diadocohi

Foreign Policy: same as Gena Korsunsky's

Ilya Sorschin

As a business owner in Murmansk and Magnatorsk, Ilya Sorschin long resented the Imperialist regime and when the resistance ended in the switch to Communism he immediately joined the party, proving himself an able leader.

Capital Punishment: yes

Religion: Christian

Age: 38

Birthplace: Magnatorsk, Diadochoi

Foreign Policy: Isolationist

Anya Alekseivich

The youngest member of the Communist Party in Diadochoi, and the only female, Anya Alekseivich is characterised by her fiery attitude and short temper. however, her military and internal affairs prowess more than balances this out.

Capital Punishment: yes

Religion: None

Age: 27

Birthplace: Near Akhatova

Foreign Policy: Aggressive

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"Zargathia has heard no complaints about the policies of Gena Korsunsky and Mikhail Nagato, and sees no reason to support change in an efficient government. If it ain't broke..."

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The Elections are over with a landslide victory for Premier: Gena Korsunsky wins with 91 percent of votes, Dmitri Forestin accumilating only 9 percent. Meanwhile, the race for Chairman has ended with a 60 percent victory for Mikhail Nagato, meaning the government will stay the same.

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