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Adrik Annan Dies!

J Andres

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August 26, 2016

ooc preface: Yes. I realize I’m not on the map. No. I do not want to be on the map. I once had a nation on the map but decided to give up the territory because I wasn’t active. You don’t have to recognize anything, however, I have strictly read up on the future status on my land to make sure that I still fall within established history from my time, as well as JEDCJT’s control over the New England States.

I also use a different dating system and that is why it is currently 2016. One month IRL = One Year in Andres time. January 2009 = 2009

“Shadow President Dies!”


President of the former Nation of J Andres died late last night due to natural causes. Adrik Annan, became the Foreign Affairs Minister of the nation during the Red Revolt in 1987. Annan worked hard to further J Andres foreign influence over his long term as Foreign Affairs Minister until he was elected President in 2003. His election came during a difficult time, where there was great pressure to release the colonies overseas. Annan began to release the colonies in Australia, including Porto Pacis and the Macacan Governorship. In 2010 and 2011, as J Andres military strength faded due to lack of research, J Andres slowly lost control of its prime holdings in North America. Eventually President John F. Kennedy stormed into Boston and gave the famous inspiring speech that unites us as the Republic of New England.

However, while most of former J Andres put their Maritime Anchor flags into boxes, as a piece of history, inside the state of Rhode Island, the J Andres government still was active. Although their influence has been minimal at best, the J Andres government has been active in the shadows, not trying to displace the current New England government, but rather as a peaceful government-in-exile. The monarchy is still intact and Adrik Annan delivered the first pitch at a Pawtucket Red Sox game last week, and he was introduced as President.

Surely those crazy Rhode Islanders with their funny accents aren’t trying to pull a quick one on the ruling government, but rather, they remain proud of their heritage. J Andres did control the land for about 30 years before the Republic came, and Rhode Island was under control for the longest time. Although J Andres’ Independence day is sparsely celebrated or even remembered throughout the rest of the Republic, it is practically an unofficial holiday within Rhode Island.

Rhode Island’s Governor, Donald Carcieri, has been a part of the Rhode Island Government through every phase. Originally the governor during the Collapse of the United States, he served as the leader of the Rhode Island Maritime Colony when they succeeded from the union. He served as a Senator in the J Andres Commune for a number of years before being appointed Governor of the Macacan region until it’s termination. And things have gone full circle with him now at the head of the Rhode Island Government underneath President Kennedy.

Considering that most of the J Andres Government is in shambles, with many of the Senators giving up their Commune seats for those in the Rhode Island General Assembly, it is still unclear who and why Richard Mercton has been appointed President. Mercton, is the son of Josef Mercton, the first President of J Andres back during its formation in 1981, and is the current King. Prince Richard is behind his sister in succession to the throne, although even the J Andres throne is almost entirely ceremonial without the supporting government it once had. The early days of the Anchor Army are over. J Andres resistance is futile, and although the Maritime Anchor still flies on some households, it is only for nostalgiac purposes and not as a sign of aggression against the government. Even the aging Josef Mercton, couldn’t garnish enough support to get the citizens to rise up against New England, so his much lesser known son, surely will not be able to.

So as the Rhode Islanders mourn the loss of one of their historic heroes, Political analysts are left wondering what is next for the shards of the shattered J Andres government. Will the remnants continue to assimilate into the existing New England culture and government, or is the reminder that the remnants need to start a resistance movement. And if it is, will it be peaceful? Or will the loyalties of all New England Citizens, most of whom lived under the J Andres government as well, be tested. Although civil war is being thrown around on local talk radio stations, no one expects it. Expect these “remnants” to be active over the next few days, surrounding Annan’s memorial service, and then they will fade back into the relative obscurity that they have enjoyed for the past five years. There is a reason why many of these older J Andres officials visit the history museums so much. It’s not just that they are living in the past, trying to remember their glory days. But they like that feeling of importance, when a five year old child recognizes them as the man in the picture from the display case. Your time has passed J Andres, it’s time to move on. This isn’t 1981 anymore. It’s 2016, and you are nothing but a faded flag and a radiation clean up site.

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OOC: I approve of this. :D

But yes, any resistance against New England would be very difficult due to the Stasi (the secret police) and Military-SS (a paramilitary force directly under Kennedy’s control). Just sayin’. :P


Upon hearing about the death of the former J Andres President Adrik Annan, Governor of Rhode Island Donald Carcieri declared a full week of mourning in the state. President Kennedy, upon hearing of the news, did the same, declaring a week of national mourning. “Adrik Annan was a great man, who led the great nation of J Andres, of which we are proud to call our predecessors, for many years. He will be missed.” The President stated in a speech to a crowd in front of the New England Capitol in Boston. “May God bless him always. Amen.

Meanwhile, Stasi operatives and agents have been aware of the continued existence of the remnants of the J Andres shadow government—and especially the murmuring of civil war and resistance that are occasionally heard on local talk radio stations—but as far as the Stasi is concerned, they are not a threat.

OOC2: I hope you come back to RP someday. If you do, I can give you some of my land. :wub:

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OOC2: I hope you come back to RP someday. If you do, I can give you some of my land. :wub:

ooc: I would love to come back to the land of RP, but dont know if i can make the time commitment. My RP suffered greatly when i went to school last year, so i can only imagine its going to be the same this time around. Time will tell, but in the week or so i've got left, maybe we will see another post or two. :) I've got a whole generation of aging politicans....

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