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German Friendship and Trade Agreement

Colerich Krieg

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As the world may know, the majority of our population are people of Germanic heritage, whom fled the horrors of Europe during the great war and expansionists battles. As so, the Empire wishes to establish ties with all nations with a significant German population to promote Cultural heritage and understanding.

Joint Trade Agreement - Friendship Pact.

Article I:

Both the Empire of Krieg and the Kingdom of Österreich agree to solve any disputes via dialogue, and not resort to any form of aggressive conflict. They also agree to promote friendly national ties and talks to further their mission for peace across the globe.

Article II:

Both nations agree to loosen tariffs between them and agree to promote free trade, whenever and wherever possible.

Article III:

If any signatory of this treaty deems it prudent to cancel their signature, 48 hours notice must be given.


Emperor Colerich Krieg, Emperor of the Krieg Empire, Imperial Autarchy.


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