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Combat in Communist Diadochoi reaches a Peak

Nagato the Great

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After weeks of combat between the military of Communist Diadochoi and Imperialist guerrillas, Gena Korsunsky, the premier, says that the fighting has reached a peak. The Imperialists, who have been combating the Communists since they were ousted fromf power, have fought harder than ever over the town of Yevemensk in the most recent battle. Casualties are counted at about 200 for the military, and over 380 for the Imperialists. "We are slowly taking back the city from the Imperialists," said Korsunsky. "though we still have a long way to go. The Imperialists will stop at nothing to hold the city and inflict the most death and destruction as they can." already after days of conflict in the city, more than a hundred civilian casualties have been counted, with more than half of them women and children.

Meanwhile, in the major city of Murmansk, the Imperialists have been defeated after a five day battle which left 437 military personnel dead and 693 Imperialists dead. 23 of the Imperialists were captured, the rest having fought to the death. "I regret it has come to this." Korsunsky told a reporter. "I do not wish for more death. But these people have shown there will be no parley or peace."

Also under heavy discussion is Korsunsky's policy of 'rooting out' Imperialists and their supporters. This includes searching homes and shops in various cities, as well as imprisoning suspects and rumours of 'torture', though this has been dismissed by Korsunsky and his advisers. "We must find these people and it must happen soon. I will not risk further pain and misery to my people in these cities, who are suffering at the hands of Imperialist cretins. If this means that we must search a home down to the last grain of dust, so be it."

The Imperialists are estimated to be down to about 2000 people, about 75 percent of that number former soldiers in the former Empire. Rumour has it that extra-national terrorists are aiding the Imperialists, though these have not been confirmed by Korsunsky or any other nation.

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Buryatia moves 10,000 soldiers and 100 T-90 tanks to the Buryatia-Diadochoi border. Buryatian soldiers previously deployed to the Crimean Protectorate are withdrawn to mainland Buryatia and placed on standby. The soldiers are ordered to remain on alert and to wait for further orders.

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These are both wise decisions. fleeing imperialists may attempt to access your nations and cause trouble.

An update: at Yevemensk casualties have climbed to 437 for the military and 612 for the Imperialists. in additions, 9 tanks have been destroyed, and 230 civilian casualties have been suffered here.

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