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Welcome to the forum!

Are you confused about all the categories, forums and threads you see? Hopefully you will be a lot wiser after reading this and able to find your way around. So let's get started.

Cyber Nations Gameplay and Roleplay

Open World RP

The Open World Forum is the main, out-of-character (OOC)1 forum for discussion of game politics, current events, alliance statistics, and general social discussion that pertains directly to the game of Cyber Nations. Discussion of game mechanics should be directed to the Community Structure forums. OOC discussion not directly pertaining to the game should be directed to The Water Cooler. Alliance recruitment topics, trade circle requests, and technology / donation sales / purchases go in the Open Alliance and Team Forum and its subforums.

1 For definitions of out-of-character and in-character (OOC/IC) please see the RP forum guidelines.

This forum is for
announcements and discussions of world politics as pertaining to alliances. Treaty announcements, declarations of war, alliance policy discussions, ultimatums, general inter-alliance mingling -- it all goes here!

This is an
forum. World Affairs is the place to discuss the drama and intrigue of Cyber Nations politics. As long as it's related to alliance-driven politics, it's in-character and it's not an Alliance Announcement -- it goes here.

Open National RP

Open National RP is a retreat from alliance politics for those looking to do more traditional roleplaying. Open National RP roots you firmly as a national leader, or other figure on a national level acting out a scenario that may or may not be taking place in-game. This forum is not for trade requests or tech deals! Please refer to this forum for those activities. Foreign aid requests are not for this forum; they go here.

Game-related RP is
and for the roleplay of things happening in-game. If another person is spying away your nukes in-game, you can roleplay it here. If a rogue randomly attacks you out of the blue, you can roleplay it here. This allows it to overlap a bit with the alliance world, so it's up to the RP author to decide whether it does.

This is the world where your imagination runs wild. If it's not happening in the game, it doesn't matter -- what you roleplay here is limited only by your imagination and the threshold across which your roleplay belongs in Game-related RP. Almost everything is left up to the RP creator. This forum is of course also

Player Created Alliances

The showroom of all the alliances in CyberNations! Almost every alliance has a thread introducing themselves here where you can read more about them and find an alliance suitable for you to join.

Cyber Nations Tournament Edition

The tournament edition of Cybernations! The Tournament Edition differs from Cyber Nations standard in that game play is faster with increased startup money and decreased purchase costs for certain items. In here we only talk about the Tournament edition and nothing else.

The Open World Forum the place for the OOC discussion of IC topics specifically for Cyber Nations Tournament Edition.

This forum contains alliance recruitment and the All Team discussions specifically for Cyber Nations Tournament Edition.

This is the forum to use if you have suggestions on how the Tournament edition could get even better. Is it about new units? Growth time? How to calculate the strength of your nations? It all goes here.

This is the forum to use if find a bug in the TE edition that you want to bring to Moderation's attention.

Cyber Nations Community Structure

About Cyber Nations

Threads in here will hopefully help you to learn how to play the game.

Gameplay Discussions

Discuss with other players about the game, improvements worth buying/etc. Read this thread in order to know what goes here or not.

If you happen to be looking for a trade or want maybe want to start up your own trade circle this is the place to go.

Tech dealers, donation dealers and other dealers can set up a stand here in the Black market. Come look for bargains here and do business!

The Water Cooler

This forum can be used for everyday chit chat with other players in the community.

If you want to discuss more serious issues, like politics, this is the forum for you.

Suggestion Box

This is the place for you if you want to make a suggestion on how to improve the game. Make sure to read the stickied threads though before posting so you know the rules.

Cyber Nations Technical

Question Center

If you are unsure about something related to your nation or the forums, ask here. You should read this thread before you post in here. The forum also contains a FAQ Thread.

Report A Bug

This is the forum you turn to when you want to report a bug in CN. This is the thread you go to in order to report forum bugs. Other bugs are reported in a new thread as you can see inside the forum.

Cyber Nations Moderation


This forum is used for a lot of issues. Among them there's forum/game abuse reports, move/lock/name change requests, warn appeals, and communication with staff regarding policy ONLY. The rules are pinned within--all players are expected to know the rules and to file reports in the required format and appropriate forum.

Report inappropriate content, cheating, etc here.

Violations of forum rules and guidelines should be reported here.

Appeal your warn increase or forum ban here.

Cyber Nations Archives

Public Archives

This is where you find old threads (And forums) that's not in use anymore. Feel free to dig around if you want a bit of nostalgia.

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