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Doors open at the Duchy of Brunswick's first hospital

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Doors open at the Duchy of Brunswick's first hospital

BRAUNSCHWEIG (BNN) --The Ducal family were in attendance for the Opening Ceremonies in Braunschweig. HRH Duchess of Brunswick Princess Victoria and Archduke Highlanderr presided over the ribbon cutting ceremony at the nation's first medical center. The Princess and Archduke were given a full tour of the facilities of the Royal Medical Center at Braunschweig. The Royal Medical Center at Braunschweig is the latest addition in an effort to improve the wellness of the citizens of the Duchy. "The health of my people is my main concern," stated the Princess. "With the addition of the hospital, the citizens of Brunswick can now live a more prosperous life."

The Brunswick News Network was able to speak with the Minister of Health Henry Wittenberg on the matter. "The health care system of the Duchy of Brunswick can now better serve its citizens because a big weight has been taken off the shoulders of the two local clinics we have." Minister Wittenberg said in an interview with BNN. "The rural clinics were not equipped to handle the situations that required emergency medical attention. With a more sophisticated hospital facility nearby, citizens have access to better care."

The nation has two local clinics located in rural communities in Brunswick in addition to the Royal Medical Center at Braunschweig.

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The Government of Disparu congratulates the Duchy of Brunswick for the new hospital. We hope that this new institution will be able to help your citizens' medical needs.

We also congratulate Brunswick for the opening of it's newest banking institution.

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