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Dragon Empire Dragon Bloc Joint Command Center


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Mad Dog Bob Denard's Command Center

"Look, go to Dragonsia and tell them you are our military rep. Figure out who is going to being going in, what they are bringing, and what their dispositions are," Bob snarls at General Howard Dinnawae.

"Yes sir," replies the General as he departs with the following document.

To Dragon Empire Military Command


The Republic of Free Somal has deployed the following forces to our forward operating areas near the units of the Melvin Republic.

1st Armored Division

2nd Armored Division

3rd Armored Division

4th Armored Division

1st and 2nd Light Infantry Brigades (Mechanized)

150th through 155th Pirahna Attack Wings

130th through 133rd Air Transport Wings

101st through 103rd Fighter Wings

107th Stealth Fighter Wing

110th Bomber Wing

111th Bomber Wing

2 Medium Transport Wings

1 Heavy Transport Wings

Task Force Able of the Republic of Somal Constabulary (5000 men)

Task Force Bagel of the Republic of Free Somal Department of Interior (3000 Engineers)

4 Military Engineer Battalions (3200 Men total)

801st Air Defense Brigade

20th through 25th Special Forces Group

201st Rocket Artillery Brigade- 1st and 2nd Battalions

Our Rules of Engagement:

1) Until a full attack is ordered by the command authority of the Dragon Empire we will only fire unless fired upon first.

2) Military units hiding in civilian areas will be considered fair game for destruction should they present an active risk to the well being of our forces. Should they present a threat the level of risk will be assessed for the level of response. If at all possible the threat will be cordoned off and be left to wither on the vine. If the level of threat is far too great to ignore appropriate levels of force will be utilized to eliminate the thread.

3) Government officials are considered targets of opprotunity in the event of full out war. They will be targeted with measured levels of force to avoid needless civilian losses. Not to say that we aim for zero civilian losses, but we don't plan on blowing up entire city blocks to liquidate one member of the Khmer government.

4) Infrastructure targets such as bridges, roads, factories, government buildings, airports, and railways are to be considered military targets.

5) No warning will be given in any situation to anyone actively attempting to inflict significant injury upon a member of the Republic of Free Somal Military. Someone trying to slap a member of the Republic of Free Somal Military in the face is not going to be shot versus a shotgun wielding lunatic will be cut down like a diseased animal.

6) Upon arrival we will be broadcasting our intentions to destroy the listed infrastructure targets to the people of the Khemer in the event that active fighting takes place. We make our intentions known to allow the Khemer the opprotunity to evacuate those areas ahead of time.

7) Prisoners taken will be treated in accordance with the Republic of Free Somal Constabulary standards. These include the feeding of prisoners three times a day with a 2000 calorie a day diet. Providing water, housing, bedding, sanitation facilities, and communications with family members. A special task force of Republic of Free Somal Constabulary officers will be on scene to ensure proper treatment of prisoners and to provide rear area security for Khemer civilians in the event of a take over.

Our General Battle Plan:

Phase 1 Operations:

Movement to attack and destroy significant military threats as identified by sattelite, UAV, and Special Forces.

Phase 1a:

- Air strikes to cripple their transportation centers.

- Ground attacks to engage their forces.

- Cruise Missile and other attacks to be provided as needed.

Phase 1b:

- Collection of prisoners.

- Treatment of wounded.

- Burial of enemy and civilian dead.

Phase 2 Operations

Returning stability to the region.

-Deployment of a Republic of Free Somal Constabulary Advisory force to bolster local police forces.

-Deployment of Republic of Free Somal Engineers and Allied Engineers to begin repairing battle damage.

Phase 2a:

- The recruitment of local government officials.

- The hiring of local carpenters, construction workers, and other technical specialities to assist in repair efforts.

- Returning of civilians to their home in a rapid manner.

- Repairing of water, sewer, and power services in a prompt manner.

Phase 2b:

- Ordering Khmer Military forces to report for duty.

- A full inventory of avaliabl equipment.

- Assessment of their needs for providing for their local security and national defense.

Phase 3 Operations:

The retraining of the existing Khemer military force.

- Replacing battle damaged equipment with compatible equipment to prevent logistical snarls for the Khemer.

- Upgrading the Khemer Military in vital areas.

Phase 4 Operations:

The removing of Republic of Free Somal and allied forces from the Khmer territories in a phased pull out.

- Khemer Military and Police units begin assuming greater responsibility.

- Starting with the capitol and working our way out we will withdrawal district by district as the Khemer resume control.

- A token advisory force will be left if wanted by the Khmer.

Items of Importance

1)Providing a common pool of intelligence (partially resolved between the Kingdom of Cochin and the Republic of Free Somal)

2)Ascertaining areas of operation.

3) Providing translators who speak Khmer and English.

4) Approving the use of psychological warfare in the form of radio broadcasts. See Below for more details**

5) The aftermath, see below *

6) The forming of a unified command center to ease the issues of communication.

* One item of critical interest is Somal's desire to spearhead the rebuilding of Khmer after the fighting. We believe that the Khmer people are worthy of the right to self-rule. The Republic of Free Somal is moving equipment, supplies, and vehicles as we speak to take part in this effort. While we will fight a hard determined war we will also wage an even more aggressive peace.

** This is a sample of a message we wish to have broadcasted:

Khmer Citizens,

Should your government refuse to seek a resolution at the peace table your country will be attacked. You are all urged to immediately store up a week's worth of food and water.

Stay off your bridges, they will soon be destroyed.

Stay off your roads, they will soon be bombed.

Stay away from your airports, they will soon be destroyed.

Stay away from your factories, they will soon be destroyed.

Evacuate all of your government buildings as they may soon be destroyed.

Stay away from all major telecommunications centers as they will soon be destroyed.

Stay away from powerplants they will be destroyed.

Avoid military installations as they will be destroyed.

Military men and women of the Khmer people can surrender to advancing forces by holding their hands well away from your weapons. A simple white piece of cloth held in both hands over your head is also suggested. You will be treated humanely and cared for by law enforcement offficers of the Republic of Free Somal who have agreed to see to your safety. You will be returned to your homes as soon as it is possible for you to do so.

Anyone actively attempting to do harm to a member of the DE or Dragon Bloc militaries will be shot. Do not point a weapon at any of them, do not attempt to stab any of them, and take great care when approaching a DE/DB check point in your vehicles.

Again, stay in your homes, stay off the streets, and stock up on food and water.

-Mad Dog Bob Denard

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