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Brown 3 maybe 4 BR set


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Posting for a friend

Aluminum- snowowlxo

Water- snowowlxo


Spices- Nash160

Fish- Razorade

Lumber- Politician


Wheat- Nash160

Cattle- Politician

Pigs- Razorade



Preferring Coal since he's still a small nation and could use the steel. This will be on brown so if your interested in the best set available you gotta switch. Snowowl's slots are free so you can send him a trade offer right away if you are already on brown.

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By the way, snowowlxo only have 4 slots, so it'll be wise to get him a harbor as soon as possible... :D

Yeah he's a RL friend. I have him holding on to the money I gave him as long as possible. He has the cash he's just waiting.

Also sorry Aromy but Nash has spices and beat you to it.

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