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Kitex Weekly


President DDB has signed a non-aggression pact with the nation of Battlestar Pegasus. President DDB had this to say

The signing of this NAP will make the nation of Kitex safer and more prosperous as we have just simultanieously lowered the threat of war with a fellow nation in the region and we've also found a good trading partner.

General of the Army, Rusa MacNell (pictured below) has been asked by President DDB to become the new Secretary of Defense, replacing the retiring Continuum War general, Ash Palayna. Rusa is expected to accept the position but has not yet commented on it.


Rusa MacNell


The Kitexian Army and Marine Corps launched a successful practice border reinforcement operation. General Rusa MacNell and Marine Commandent Shu-nay Rafastan (pictured below) said that they were "pleased and quite happy to know that the nation's borders can be protected and also that the two services can work together in harmony."


Marine Commandant Shu-nay Rafastan

Also Parliament has accepted the proposed military budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

By Title

Operations and maintenance: $ 5 million

Military Personnel: $ 6 million

Procurement: $ 3 million

Research, Development, Testing & Evaluation: $8 million

Military Construction: $5 million

Family Housing: $7 million

Resolving and Management Funds: $ 2 million

By Service

Army: $ 6 million

Marine Corps: $ 6 million

Local militias: $ 6 million

Tank Corps: $ 4 million

Coast Guard: $ 5 million

The budget totals $36 million. This being 15.4% of the nation's annual GDP.


Today Parliament passed sweeping legislation aimed at creating renewable energy and having Kitexian businesses be eco-friendly by 2015. It included the mandatory building of eco-friendly cars, and putting caps on how much pollution companies can do to the enviornment, which also included a clause saying that companies could not ship their manufacturing base overseas where there are little to no pollution standards.

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General Rusa MacNell has accepted the post of Secretary of Defense! He had this to say when interviewed

I am quite pleased to be put in as SecDef and also I think that I'll do the military a great deal of good as I personally have pushed for the now accepted 2010-2011 defense budget. The first thing I'll do as SecDef is increase the Marines and Army by 500 soldiers each because as of recent, we are seeing a border boom and our military needs to be able to respond quickly and swiftly to any and all threats.


The Army is setting up its first airborne corps of 100 soldiers! They are currently building a base to house and train these elite soldiers. Also the Death Brigade is being "disbanded" and being turned into a new Special Forces Group.

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