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Private Message to Yamato

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***Private Message to the government of Yamato***

To: Government of Yamato

Fr: Government of the United Kingdom of Buryatia

Re: Status of Diplomatic Ties


In light of some issues which have severely undermined our confidence in the government of Yamato, highlighted by the recent handling of the situation with the Lu Empire, the government of Buryatia has decided upon several steps which we will be undertaking in response. We therefore, wish to notify the government of Yamato of the following:

1) Buryatia’s Embassy to Yamato will be downgraded to a Level One (1) Embassy

2) Negotiations with Yamato regarding the adoption of a visa system for visiting Lake Baikal shall be suspended until further notice

3) Yamato’s Ambassador will be permitted to return to the Embassy of Yamato in Buryatia if it is the wish of the government of Yamato

The government of Buryatia sincerely hopes that it will be possible to repair the damaged diplomatic ties between our two nations at some time in the near future. As always we are open to dialogue regarding this and other situations.


Hon. Vladimir Zhukovsky, President

Natalya Onatopp, Minister of Foreign Affairs

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