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Jackosia will change government for 'total control'

Jack Grist

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Jackosia's Supreme president, (Grist), will seize complete control of the nation in order to keep its country revolutionized. The almost 630 day year old nation is rumoured to change its political stance into a more secure but yet a freedom state. The Supreme president believes that the country has been denied rights that 'other countries would be given' and that the Revolutionary Republic can change for the better.

Rumours are that Alakan Yung, the Prime Minister, may become the President's second in command. As for the Premier, who persuaded its government to take on huge risks with economically damaging effects, has been made to step down by Alakan Yung. There will no longer be a Premier, according to the announcement that has not been televised but recorded by the Supreme President.

Jackosia, that owns 15 Nuclear weapons and a large Airforce, will most likely have its stockpile of military 'goods' increased. Alakan Yung, wants the Jackosian public to prepare for changes for the better, and that they are being made for the better of the people, and is in no way the first step of a path to a totalitarian state regime. Georgo Yung, the National Security Leader, will keep his job as head of the countries security.

More news to follow.

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