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The Directorate needs Leaders!


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The Directorate is looking for motivated, experienced, and loyal members with the ability to lead it forward and forever to victory. Formed on June 1st, we are celebrating one month of existence, 60 members, a combined NS of 250,000, and a proud declaration that we haven't lost a single war yet that was declared on us nor have we started any. We are one of the fastest growing alliances on CN and we don't plan to take a break anytime soon from our march to Sanction.

If you're a dedicated individual who possesses outstanding organizational, logistical, or diplomatic skills, our alliance is the best place for you to develop your resume in this game. On June 6th of 2009 The Directorate will be experiencing it's first scheduled restructuring process with goals to:

1. Reorganize and train its Armed Forces.

2. Introduce Standardized Testing for all new recruits.

3. Expand to over 200 members by September 1st.

4. Produce a powerful propaganda machine.

5. Increase the activity of all it's members.

6. Introduce a new Charter.

If you're interested, you can begin by registering on our forums. We have four positions available that you can pick from:

The Minister of Defense – The Minister of Defense is responsible for the organization of the alliance's armed forces. This includes the management of Army Groups and Assault Squads as well as the responsibility of appointing responsible leaders for the aforementioned organizations. This Minister is also obligated to prepare a state of readiness and respond to any military threats towards the alliance. In conjunction to The Premier, this Minister is an official spokesperson for the alliance in regards to all military related matters.

The Minister of Internal Affairs – The Minister of Internal Affairs is responsible for forum management and moderation. He ensures that members of The Directorate uphold the Charter along with the upkeep of all internal resources. This Minister is to be in charge of any internal or foreign deals. The Minister is also in charge of making sure that the members are well informed about matters within the alliance. His executive officer is the alliance's Messenger.

The Minister of Human Resources – The Minister of Human Resources is in charge of recruiting prospects for the U.E.D. and keeping a track of the U.E.D.'s roster and ranks. As the head of recruitment, he oversees the actions of his Recruiters and keeps them on track with their mission. As a general manager, he works in conjunction with The Minister of Internal Affairs to filter out invalid memberships on the forums, and in conjunction with The Minister of Defense to filter out invalid memberships in the game itself (people posing as U.E.D. members). Also as a manager, he is responsible for promoting and demoting members of the U.E.D. using The Directorate's Ranking System (D.O.O.R.S.).

The Minister of Propaganda – The Minister of Propaganda promotes The Directorate to the CN community. He is responsible for all alliance announcements and newsletters in conjunction with The Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Minister of Internal Affairs, and The Minister of Human Resources. If necessary, he may appoint Journalists (staff writers) or Photographers (people skilled in Photoshop) for the U.E.D. when necessary.

For further instructions on applying to become a Minister of The Directorate, please speak directly to me.

The Directorate is a part of The Ragnablock.


If you need an alliance but don't want to be involved with the leadership, and you would rather develop your nation into a powerful bank or if you want to tech raid and have a little fun in the game, The Directorate is a great place to play. We have plenty of incentives that will help your nation grow and prosper!

3 Million for Joining!

3 Million for Recruiting 3 People!

And over 20 Million in tech deals with other alliances!

If you want to kick a$s and chew bubblegum, join The Directorate.

We'll show you how this game's meant to be played.


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nice flag who made it, if i may ask?

Bump cause of nice flag.

I made the flag.

However in our declaration a person from another alliance added the bloody filter that you see.

You can look him up if you want. He posted the flag in our DoE.


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