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WFF & CBS - Now Friends! xD

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The George Carlin Memorial Accords



We come together today to celebrate a meeting of the minds, a glorious new friendship.

I. Sovereignty

Both signatories recognize the other as sovereign entitles, and this document serves as an accord between two sovereign entities. Both signatories, however recognize the importance of acting for mutual benefit.

II. Peace

Neither signatory will be involved with aggressive behavior towards the other. If is a nation from either side violates this part of the pact, that nation's alliance shall offer adequate reparations in damages.

III. Friendship

This agreement establishes that there will be a tangible state of friendship between World Freedom Federation and Commonwealth of Blue States, and the individual members of both Alliances. Communications between both alliances will reflect the spirit of the friendship established and recognized by this Treaty. The Signatories, in both public and private communications, whether towards each other, the greater community of Planet Bob, or with another alliance speaking about the other, will be friendly and show support in all matters. Both signatories agree that diplomatic relations will be used before any other means in dealing with violations of this accord.

IV. Aid

When one signatory requests non-military assistance, the other is encouraged, but not obliged to provide any non-military assistance within 48 hours of the aid request. It is expected that if either Signatory does commit to providing Aid that they will do so until the other is 'restored to self-reliance financially.'

V. Intelligence

Both alliances believe in the continued well-being of the other signatory. To this effect, any intelligence that may come to one of the signatories about an attack on the other will be communicated as soon as is feasible. In addition, neither signatory will use tactics of spying against the other alliance. Acts of spying will be treated as a violation of part II of this accord.

VI. Cancellation

Barring a blatant violation of parts II or V of this treaty, if a party wishes to not continue to be a part of this pact, that alliance must inform the other and observe a cancellation period of 72 hours during which this pact remains in force.

The party breaking this agreement must write a piece of fan fiction for a FOX Program of its choice and post it with the announcement that it is canceling this treaty.

Signed for Coalition of Blue States-

KingemO93, President

LordSir23, Vice President

Erik Ryan, Secretary of Dotted Line

SYKEA6568, Secretary of Sword & Shield

Chancellor Shankle, Secretary of Payday

EmoBro, Secretary of Seduction

Signed for World Freedom Federation-

Nord Belka, Skymarshal

Chazz, Deputy Skymarshal

Poliz, Deputy Skymarshal

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