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The War Against Sciensopia


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OOC: I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not, if it isn't can a mod or an admin move it? This RP is about a couple of ongoing wars right now.

IC: *the head of Alliance Affairs; Andrewland Brach steps into President Andrew's office* "Mr. President, we have a report of a war against a country called Celadon(OOC: if you try searching for this nation you will not find it, it has been deleted, presumably from 19 days of not collect taxes), the nation that attacked them is called Sciensopia, they are nearly our size and attacks against them have been authorized by jesterxo, Deputy MoD. Should we offer to help."

*PA thinks about this for a bit*

"Yes, send word to jesterxo that we will declare war on Sciensopia immediately."

*through the night Andrewland's government works to draw up a declaration of war, the main reason is defense for TDO, the DEFCON level is changed to 1 and threat level is changed to severe, and a majority of the military is deployed. War is officially declared the next day on: 6/25/2009 7:26:28 PM. Throughout the night Andrewland's footsoldiers and tanks are placed on the border. The first shot fired is a cruise missile, which, all-in-all, did very little damage. Immediately after that, the army attacks. Initially Andrewland's forces were beaten back, but by the end of the night Andrewland's force began to make progress. Sciensopia attacked back not long afterwards, they made very little progress. The next day a trading partner of Sciensopia declared war on Andrewland, they attempted two attacks but both were beaten back, sustaining heavy losses, by the courage of Andrewland's defenders. The next day PA is informed by jesterxo that Sciensopia's trading partner has been placed on the Authorized Attacks list.*

OOC: So ends day one.

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